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Are DVD’s Dying a Death?


DVDs have been used to store and play back videos since 1998 in Europe (even earlier than this around the rest of the world) and really started hitting the mainstream as they started to be mass-produced in around 2003. Eventually, they took over from videotapes (VHS) as the first-choice for those looking for films and TV shows to play at home. Now, however, it seems that it might finally be time for the DVD to die out.


Blu-rays offer so much more.

When DVDs took over from VHS, Blu-ray discs are now set to do the same to the trusty DVD. Blu-ray came out around 2007 in the UK, offering people high-definition pictures, far superior sound quality, and much more space on the disc to host additional features. In comparison, a dual-layer DVD holds just 2GB worth of data, while a Blu-ray can hold 50 GB.

While the initial take-up to convert to the new format was relatively slow, more and more people are now choosing Blu-ray as their format of choice, mainly due to the reduction in the cost of the players, the discs themselves, plus the fact modern-day games consoles, such as the PlayStation 3, supports their playback.

You can rip DVD’s and store them digitally

Digital is the way forward when it comes to watching movies, and with storage being so cheap to obtain these days, it’s easy to have all of your movies on your computer, on an external hard drive, or even stored in a cloud service like Dropbox. Using a DVD ripper, it is possible to do this fairly quickly and easily, meaning you don’t need to worry about taking the disc out of its box ever again.

Take up too much space

With DVDs almost becoming obsolete as such, many people start to realize that they are just sitting there, taking up valuable space on the shelves, in the cupboard, or under the bed. Being in a fairly big box for what is essentially a fragile disc makes them highly uneconomical for most people, as minimalist, clutter-free style is the hot-trend of the modern-day home. It’s not a coincidence that we are starting to see services that allow you to bulk-sell your DVD collection in one go become incredibly popular at the moment. At the same time, there are always tonnes of old films for sale for incredibly cheap on eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

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Internet streaming services

We also see a huge boom in film and TV show internet streaming services such as Netflix and Love Film. These allow people to sign up for a monthly subscription in exchange for unlimited viewing hours of a large number of programs and movies. With iPads and other tablets a mainstay of many people’s gadgetry at the moment, the fact that these streaming services have apps that allow them to watch their favorite show with their own screen sitting on their laps offers a clear insight into how the viewing experience of the future is shaping up.