MapmyIndia launches Connect screen mirroring device for Rs 12,990

MapmyIndia has launched connect, a tool that lets you reflect your smartphone or tablet on to a most popular screen. It’s a technique to break away from the restrict of reveal-size and doesn’t require any wired connection. The instrument is suitable with each Android and iOS systems, and Mira cast or DLNA tech used in the tool makes it completely wireless.

With the join, MapmyIndia also objectives at higher navigation. Customers with car AV machine can reach their destinations without difficulty the use of the MapmyIndia Maps software. Basically, it allows users to view content like apps, media and video games from their cell devices on higher screens together with televisions. It can be connected through AV cable or Micro USB. It also streams the smartphone content through W-If, so there is no further burden to your broadband or internet connection.

Screen mirroring device

Screen mirroring tool

“MapmyIndia join is a unique initiative and a first for us. We have now all the time endeavored to convey product and solutions that make the customers extra productive and maintain them engaged on the go. MapmyIndia connect is in sync with our vision of creating the lives of Indians handy and trouble-free. The smartphone and pill can do much more but for the scale of the monitor. Now this may increasingly no more be a barrier,” says Rakish Vera, Managing Director, and MapmyIndia.


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MapmyIndia join is priced at Rs 12,990. The in-field contents include USB Cable, DLNA-Mira cast convert change, Wi-Fi Antenna, Wi-Fi/ RCA/ energy Cable and proprietor’s package which incorporates hardware manual, customer’s warranty card and terms of use.

Author: Rohit Shetty

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