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Where to Place Banner Ads on a WordPress Blog


Depending on what type of subject you’re the usage of goes to decide wherein you could place banner commercials on your WordPress topic. Some themes are ad geared up and others aren’t.

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When it involves themes, the alternatives are countless. Some subject matters can have a menu on the proper or the left side, and a few may have two column menus both on the proper or the left of the WordPress weblog. And but a few allow for menus on either facet. And of direction, all themes have a header region.

Now research has been accomplished to decide what regions users are maximum likely to click on. They have termed those areas as ‘hot spots’. Hot spots are located at the left facet of the web page, above the fold and in a triangular shape. So if you have been to draw a triangle in your blog you would start on the pinnacle left nook, go to the proper corner, continue right down to the bottom left nook and back as much as the pinnacle left the corner, finishing the triangle.

This triangle place is your warm spot. If your purpose is to have your banner commercials prominently displayed for customers to click on then this is the correct place to put your banner commercials.

Now, this additionally leaves you with wondering wherein you put your menu. Considering the general public have blinders on in relation to banner ads, having your menu on the opposite facet of the web page will generally tend to draw their eye far away from your banner advertisements if they’re coming on your web page for information.


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So the precise vicinity to have your banner commercials is near or beside your menu. Since your hot spots are in the main the pinnacle left of your web page, if you are set on having your menu at the right you must preserve your banner advertisements along with your menu. If you do use a right side column format on your menu and banner ads, then you may area a banner ad in the text of your submission on the left facet of the page to gain even more exposure.

If you want to put up a virtual presence through a blog or web page, you would possibly need to apply WordPress to it. Of direction, there are numerous other alternatives that you could bear in mind for setting up your internet site or weblog but there are at least 5 top motives why you shouldn’t take a look at the opposite alternatives.

#1- It’s free and open source.

For human beings with small budgets, that is possibly the great reason of all. You do not need to pay an unmarried dollar to download the software. You also don’t want to pay something to keep on upgrading or to apply it on an infinite number of properties. Moreover, it’s open source. This method that anyone can tweak the code to make an internet assets more custom designed.

#2- It’s easy to use.

Using WordPress won’t cause any complications. Installing it’s far a breeze and using it’s far even much less hard. The classified sections make it clean which will decide where to click on to make a new post, where to put the name and a way to post your content. Of direction, for internet site proprietors who need to be determined quickly online, some tweaks can be needed. This includes tweaking the publish URL shape and including title and description tags to the code. You can discover ways to try this thru a few top studies.

#3- There are hundreds of extensions.

There are such a lot of specific plugins or extensions that you may download. These let you do a lot of things on your blog or website. Depending on your specific desires when you use WordPress you could, for instance, discover extensions for putting in place touch bureaucracy, producing polls, including code, filtering junk mail and growing sitemaps among others. The exceptional element is that plugins may be acquired at no cost and builders also give loose support if there are any problems or troubles.

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#4- There is a massive and thriving network of customers.

This device is one of the most applied for websites and blogs. This way that there are rankings of communities available devoted to simply discussing this platform. You will therefore easily be capable of getting a preserve of aid or help if you’re having a tough time on something. Ask any question and there’s bound to be a professional or two who know precisely what to do or the way to help.

#five- It’s flexible.

The device is popularly used for blogging however it can also be used for homes with static pages. In other words, even though it is in general intended for blogs, you can create a fundamental semi-static website out of it. This could, therefore, be the first-rate choice if you without a doubt want to create an easy internet assets to introduce your pursuits, business, and advocacy. There are many websites that perform on the device without even appearing to be doing so.

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Blogs and websites were the weapons for each person who wants to seize the big earnings for his or her on-line commercial enterprise at the net. In this situation, format performs an important function to deliver the first influence and turns into considered one of several keys which decide the internet or blog popularity. So, the best website online will combine ideal format and first-rate contents. Today, WordPress gives the new characteristic namely WordPress magazine issues. You can discover two most important kinds which can be the loose and the paid model. Both convey professionals and cons. Make positive to research extra approximately such matters before you ultimately download and use considered one of them to ideal the format of your internet site or blog.

Whether you finally pick the unfastened or the top rate/paid model, the WordPress mag subject matters will enhance the traffic in your website online and support your commercial enterprise. The importance of the usage of such subject matter might be greater inevitable if your online business is especially associated with style, enjoyment and the opposite things which require brilliant visual arts to draw the traffic. The excellent choice of subject matter will display your professionalism and replicate your capability to compete with others. Mainly, those new themes are created to permit the readers or the site visitors to a site to get entry to various articles and also blog posts in a similar frame to the magazine.

However, gaining knowledge of more approximately search engine optimization remains essential to do to assist your effort. Firstly, you will probably be successful to convey some capacity site visitors, but they may go to and read your weblog posts more often in case you lead them to experience convenient to examine every publish. What are the WordPress magazine themes like? The appealing and colorful designs and layouts will be delivered to your hand. It is surely handy and funky to browse and find the articles with the same feeling as maintaining the paper magazine with top notch and appealing layout. Several years ago, the general public began their online business the and used the plain and simple template. Now, it is the time a good way to construct your online business in an extra effective way.