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We placed 3 free money-saving apps to the check


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — I love getting cash for nothing. Who doesn’t? So regularly listen about products that declare high-quality things will manifest if you download, buy, or test them out. The identical can be stated for the wide international of cell packages or apps. How oftentimes have you ever heard “there’s an app for that”? One crowded area on this world of apps are money-saving apps. These varieties of apps claim you’ll shop cash on garb, groceries, devices, you name it.


Since all of us have to shop for groceries, wouldn’t be awesome if we could genuinely consider the claim: “Yes! You’ll store cash for your groceries via certainly the usage of our app!” So that’s wherein I went to paintings. I wanted to narrow down a listing of dozens of money-saving grocery apps to a few – and spot how they done.

So buckle up; we’re headed to the grocery shop.b We tested three, loose apps that claim to save you cash: iBotta, Saving Star and Shopkick. First up, ibotta.

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ibotta is an app that’s completely loose to download, and you take a look at it before you go to the grocery keep or other shops that are available,” says Lisa Rowan a author and manufacturer at The Penny Hoarder in St. Petersburg. The Penny Hoarder is a collection of shiny minds who scour the net for offers. Ibotta and Saving Star are their companions – in order that they knew a lot approximately how they operated.


I downloaded ibotta to my iPhone, registered an account and right away started out to free up certain offers. Basically, I turned into seeking out things I may want to in all likelihood be inquisitive about shopping for primarily based on the objects they had been supplying. So, if I saw some sunscreen I could have bought within the past, or don’t forget shopping, I click on the image to release it.

Once I unlocked the entirety of interest, we went purchasing.

I bought about eight gadgets that contained rebates. Normally, you possibly wouldn’t want to buy most of what they offer – however once we looked at all of the groceries we sold, I turned into convinced I could have bought these items regardless. If you’re able to sway your brands, the payoff may be quite good.

I’ve used ibotta myself and I’ve saved as much as $5 that I have gotten returned in a single purchasing journey, Lisa says. You parent someone who grocery stores each week – an extra $20 a month in savings isn’t too horrific! Back to shopping – while we have been unlocking deals inside the car on iBotta’s app, I additionally downloaded the Saving Star app. I registered a unfastened account and began activating offers.

Saving Star may be very much like iBotta. There aren’t almost as many products to choose from, however something I noticed that was interesting is if you like to shop for in bulk, say three to 4 bottles of laundry detergent, you’ll shop extra cash.

That’s precisely what we did. The other half of our grocery listing turned into items we activated on Saving Star. We sold numerous containers of cereal (high-quality for households with kids) and several bottles of laundry detergent, among different objects.

The cash financial savings become higher with Saving Star due to the fact we bought a couple of product. For example, we stored $4 on four bottles of detergent. So, we were basically given a bottle for free. Keep in mind that we are using two apps at this point, which is critical because we’re beginning to stack our offers. When you stack, you’re making way more money.

Stacking is prime because the shop that you’re buying at doesn’t recognize you’re the usage of the sort of financial savings apps,” Lisa says. And, on the grounds that I’ve started out stacking my apps, I’ve noticed that a few products can be on several apps. Well, that truly means you’re saving that rather more! Back to buying – we finished selecting up what we wished on the Saving Star app.


While we had been grabbing products, we ran into Tina Juan from Tampa. She began looking at her smartphone and checking off products; she began using money-saving apps (together with Target’s Cartwheel App – which I discuss beneath). She gave the impression of she knew what she become doing and as soon as I asked her if she was saving cash, she smiled.

I actually have $20 that I can do something I need with,” she says. I requested her how that made her sense. “Awesome!” she says. There changed into one remaining app to check. This time, it’s the loose app Shopkick. This is a whole lot exceptional from iBotta and Saving Star. The premise in the back of Shopkick is you try to gather ‘kicks’. The more kicks you earn, you could redeem them for present cards.

We opened the app and walked into the shop. Immediately it notified me that I had earned 25 kicks (only for on foot into the shop!). Great. Free kicks. Each keep at the app (like Publix, Target, and so on.) has a list of products you could scan and purchase. For example, let’s say they have got a emblem of hair spray indexed. You cross and discover that hair spray and use your phone’s digital camera to experiment with the barcode, and also earn 10-50 kicks. It’s that simple. I felt like I was on that antique sport show Supermarket Sweep. This app surely makes shopping fun.

But wait! If you definitely buy that product, they’ll ask you to take a image of your receipt, and boom, you just earned between one hundred fifty-two hundred kicks. Shopkick takes some work and diligence (as an instance, you have to take into account to use it when you’re in a shop and get in the addiction). It’ll take you approximately 500 kicks to earn a measly $2.00 gift card. 1250 kicks gets you a $5.00 and it is going up from there. But for me, this app is a lengthy recreation. I’m at approximately 3,000 kicks. If I earn 50,000 kicks, I can get a couple of Beats headphones (by using way of a $two hundred gift card from the app).

So, the consequences aren’t on the spot with Shopkick. Over time, but, you may earn $2, $5, $25 and up in present card values from numerous shops you in all likelihood save every day. I scanned some products in the store and I changed into well on my way to my first gift card.

Time to check out!

First off, it’s very essential to apply any loyalty cards at checkout first. Take benefit of the primary spherical of savings. I offered $106.20 worth of groceries after checkout and left the store. When I was given domestic, I started out with ibotta. I opened the app and it desired me to take a image of my receipt. I did so. Then it wanted me to scan each product I purchased. This became a ache – but seeing that I became setting groceries away, it changed into very simple to shoot the barcode earlier than I placed them away.

When that become accomplished, a display screen got here up congratulating me for saving $7.50 on the goods we offered. HOLD ON. Then they congratulated me for incomes $10.00 as a welcome bonus and for submitting my first receipt. BONUS! So we earned a massive $17.50 from ibotta by myself.

Next, I scanned my merchandise for Saving Star. Then, I uploaded my receipt. We saved a massive $sixteen.50! Saving Star takes a bit more time to review your receipt and send you the budget than ibotta. And speaking of, how do you receives a commission? Great question.

Ibotta can payout once you reach $20.00. Then you have the option to have that money transferred to a PayPal account, Venmo account (any other neat app that helps you to pay your buddies and own family quickly without expenses), or they allow you to purchase present playing cards.

Saving Star helps you to switch the finances to a bank account, PayPal account or redeem the coins for numerous special present playing cards. And again, Shopkick will let us redeem our kicks for present cards once we reach 500 kicks. So we are nicely on our manner. In this case, we saved a whopping $34 on our grocery invoice. That’s 32% financial savings of our general invoice!

Remember, we focused on buying merchandise indexed on the app. You may additionally simplest need to buy 1-three items every ride to the store. You can see financial savings as much as about $5 in step with shopping experience; I say that based totally on the unique rebates to be had.

Lisa says. But don’t forget, you need to be diligent and get comfortable the usage of those apps that allows you to see any form of first-rate savings. If you take into account to stack and strategize, they sky’s the limit and also you’ll be laughing all of the way to the bank.