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Update: Dell Fixed My Bricked Computer


My broken Alienware pc has ended up quite a controversy within the final week; however, Dell came via for me in the long run.
I recently did a fresh installation of Windows on my Alienware Aurora computer laptop. I went to Dell’s website and downloaded all the encouraging updates, including a bios update. The bios update iced up my computer, and after a tough restart, my motherboard became bricked, and the laptop would not boot.

The pc changed into out of warranty, but I felt like Dell ought to update the motherboard because it changed into damaged by an advocated update. After talking with Dell’s guide, they instructed me to spend loads of greenbacks on replacing the motherboard. I felt like this become unfair, and I made the video below explaining the situation.

The comments at the video and my Fstoppers post had been extraordinarily divided. Some sided with me, even as most truly blamed me. Some stated that each one bios updates are risky and ought to be simplest achieved as a closing motel, at the same time as others said that I must have allowed my frozen computer to sit down for hours or days earlier than restarting it.

Within hours of the video’s launch, Dell reached out to me and said they desired to restoration the difficulty for me. A week later, a tech and a motherboard confirmed up at my door. After changing the motherboard, he found that the pics card wasn’t running as well. Two days later, Dell despatched the identical tech back with a GTX 1070 snapshots card.

Although I felt like Dell owed me a motherboard, they truly did not owe me a free photographs card, so I sense like they went above and beyond to assist me, however what about everybody else? There are forums online with a couple of threads of people with the equal hassle. I have also been reached out to 1 Dell proprietor in a comparable state of affairs.

Update: Dell Fixed My Bricked Computer 1

My contacts at Dell informed me that they determine out-of-warranty maintenance on a case-by-case basis and restore some out-of-warranty computer systems every single day free of charge. They instructed me that my particular bios/bricked motherboard issue is not big enough for Dell to have an “official statement” or “policy” on; however they stated in case you contact Dell support, you may get a comparable provider.

Being that I went via Dell support and that they tried to bill me masses of dollars and the truth that I even have no longer study anywhere online that Dell replaced a bios/bricked motherboard at no cost while it was out of warranty, it appears not going that you will receive the same service as me.

But, if you appear to run throughout this put up after a failed bios update, perhaps you could ship this article to Dell to persuade them that that is widespread trouble, and they ought to cowl it. If Dell doesn’t want to update those motherboards, at least they should forestall recommending bios updates if they can be this destructive.