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TorGuard VPN – a No Logs VPN [Review]


TorGuard VPN Review

Internet has grown exponentially over the last few decades. With this, the risk of data transfer over internet has also increased. Hackers, Sniffers and sometimes even ISPs make frequent attempts  to know what you are surfing on the internet. They constant attempt to breach your privacy. To prevent this from happening, you need a powerful tool to protect you against these attacks on your privacy. TorGuard is one such tool, best suited for this purpose. Lets have a look at the various features provided by this VPN


Why TorGuard is the Best?

The reason I consider TorGuard VPN to be the best service is because it takes no logs of user online activity. This allows the user to feel the true power of being anonymous and use it the way he/she desires. The user doesn’t have to fear about breach in his privacy any more. 

Services by TorGuard

TorGuard Offers a variety of services to its users. The Users can choose from 3 plans mentioned in the picture below.


Anonymous Email


Will you ever dare to send an Important email in an unsecured way?. Most of you would say no, but I would reply to you on this by saying, This is what you have been doing so far. If you are not using a secured email service which encrypts the message before sending, then let me tell you that your email get be looked over easily.

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In order to prevent this from happening, you could use Anonymous Email service by TorGuard. This is a free service, but it has a data storage limit of 10MB. You can remove the data storage limit and make it unlimited by paying a small subscription fee of 5.33$ a month.

Anonymous VPN


Being Anonymous is a tricky task. This plan from TorGuard will help you achieve this task. TorGuard Hides your original IP address and allows you to use an IP address from its set of more than 25 IP address. This makes it easy for the user to access websites blocked by the firewall. And also prevents the user from breach of privacy done by some ISPs. It provides you military level encpytion to prevent your data from getting tracked by hackers or data sniffers.

Anonymous BitTorrent Proxy


Torrent are often used to share content, which is bound by copyright laws.  If you need to download some content of a torrent file, you need to take cautious measures to protect you identity from getting revealed. As it may lead to getting a harrowing letter from your ISP. You IP address is revealed every time you send or receive a file using BitTorrent. This IP address is not only used by the peer connected to you, but it can also be viewed by torrent monitoring groups, which can get you in trouble.

To prevent this from happening, you could use Anonyous BitTorrent Proxy and use torrent without any fear. You can easily configure your Torrent client using the guides available on the official website, or you could download a pre-configured torrent client.

Some Cool Features of TorGuard

Our Verdict

Although there is a lot of VPN service providers out ethere on the internet, you won’t find a service that takes no traffic logs. But TorGuard VPN is different from the other VPNs in this matter. You get encryption transfer of your mail, anonymous surfing, and you could bypass any censorship with ease. What more would you like from a VPN. And even if you don’t get satisfied after using its services, you can claim for the 30 days money get a guarantee. This VPN service is worth using, and I recommend you guys to give it a try.