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Top Law Schools in 2022 – Where You Should Apply


The National Law School has been ranked number one in America for the next five years, while the University of St Thomas ranks number four in law schools.

Did you know that there are law schools out there with higher rankings than Yale and Harvard? This is a trend that is set to continue in 2022.

In recent years, the US has been losing its top law schools. There are now only six schools in the top 100 law schools in the US. Meanwhile, in Canada, there are only five schools in the top 100 law schools in the country.

But there are still some high-quality schools in the US will be worth applying to. Here are the top 20 law schools in the US that will be in the top 50 law schools by 2022.

There is no doubt that a good law school is the best way to prepare you for a career as an attorney. A top law school should offer solid education in the relevant fields of law. It should also help you develop practical legal skills that will help you succeed in your career.

What is a law school?

A law school is a college or university that offers education in the field of law. This may include courses on civil law, criminal law, contracts, intellectual property, or many other types of law. A law school can also specialize in a certain kind of law (e.g., corporate law, patent law).

Law Schools

The first law schools appeared in Ancient Greece and Rome during the Hellenistic period.[15][16] Emperor Justinian established the first formal law school in 529 AD. However, the first recorded law school in the modern sense was founded in Bologna, Italy, in 1324 by Pope John XXII.

The first European law school to gain academic recognition as a university was the University of Salamanca, which was founded in 1593. Law schools train students to become lawyers who will work in government, the judiciary, private practice, or any other legal profession.

How to get into a top law school

The top law schools have always been a cut above the rest. They are highly selective, have high academic standards, and produce top lawyers.

But what about the rest? These schools aren’t nearly as prestigious. They might be ranked at the bottom of the list, but they have something no other law schools have; a bright future.

In 2022, a whole new crop of high-quality law schools will be ranked alongside the best. Here are the top 20 law schools that will be in the top 50 law schools in the US by 2022.

Law school application process

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but the application process is long and arduous. It would help if you had good grades, high SAT/ACT scores, and letters of recommendation.

You must also have an excellent application essay and a compelling personal statement. If you think that’s enough, think again.

Most of the top law schools in the US require applicants to submit a portfolio of their work, whether published or unpublished. This includes writing samples, practice essays, and other things that show off your talents.

While the application process can be very difficult, applying to one of these law schools is worth it. The best ones usually accept a tiny percentage of their applicants, and those who get born are treated as royalty.

Why law schools matter

Law schools are expensive, and you don’t necessarily need to go to a school in the top 20. However, you do need to apply to a school that is going to be ranked high by 2022.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $40k-$80k per year at a top law school. If you are considering spending that much, I recommend applying to a top law school in the top 25.

The reason is that more competition will be at the top of the list. With a lower ranking, you will have a better chance of getting a seat at the table.

As for the average applicant, I would advise you to look at the average LSAT score and GPA of the school. If you’re below that average, you can find other alternatives.

However, the average LSAT and GPA will be important if you’re looking to get into a top law school.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How should I apply for law school in 2022?

A: First, you must be admitted into your chosen law school. Then you have to determine whether you want to apply to a state-based or private law school. A state-based law school will typically give you a better chance of passing the bar and finding a job in your area of specialization. Private law schools, on the other hand, tend to provide better job placement opportunities after graduation.

Q: What is a good law school to attend in 2022?

A: The school you choose will depend on where you want to practice law. You can attend law schools in any state, but you will receive more job placement assistance if you follow a state school.

Top Myth about law schools

1. Top Law Schools will give you an easy ride.

2. Top Law Schools are not expensive.

3. Top Law Schools accept everyone.

4. Top Law Schools have no admissions requirements.


After reading this article, you’ll probably have some questions. Some of these questions may be answered in the conclusion section of this article, but if not, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered!

The first question you must ask yourself is, “What kind of law do I want to pursue?”. Once you figure that out, then you can start thinking about schools.

My suggestion is to choose your top two choices and then narrow them down to your top five. After that, check out the average starting salary for each school (in both 2015 and 2022).

After that, start researching each school in more detail. Read the admissions requirements and rankings, check out student reviews, and ask people who attend those schools what they like and dislike.