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To Help the World Live Better- The Housing Way


Housing.com has been rebranding itself- in a way that only an organization of its caliber can. The portal has come up with a new and vibrant look that takes after its philosophy to do better and change the game.

Borne out of the need to innovate, housing.com has a come a long way in the short span of time it has been active. The portal has utilized technology and innovation to create features that were not even conceived earlier. In its new avatar, housing.com now intends to outdo itself.


The portal accepts that the property sector is not the one to be trifled with. Even though it is one of the most popular businesses in modern times, the sense of distrust that surrounds it is hard-earned. For a long time, there has been no way to establish the authenticity of the information in the business. Property purchase is not merely an investment. It is one of the biggest monetary transactions in a person’s life. It is an emotional decision that also affects those who are associated with a buyer. Therefore the portal intends to bring about transparency in the business by using technology, innovation, and farsightedness.

It would now endeavor to make lives better by outdoing its own parameters, pushing itself beyond conceivable mental barriers, and stretching the envelope to ensure that progress is the only option.

It is this philosophy that is ingrained in the new ‘Look up’ identity and symbol. Housing.com was born out of a need and rose to new heights because its founders dared to dream. Now the portal inculcates the same optimism in its new attitude and invites all stakeholders to participate!

Pride enchanted to find a better world

The catchphrase ‘Look up’ is symbolized by the new logo, which highlights the progressive thinking of the portal. Imagine that logo-like a proverbial lightship- transcending space and time. It is not hard to imagine such movement, and it is not even inconceivable. Housing.com is no longer about searching for homes! It is about stepping into the future, making a better life. The ‘Look up’ symbol signifies looking up to a new life, looking up to a better way, looking up housing.com, looking up new apps, looking up what you live for!

Housing.com does not intend to stop now. The sky is the limit, and making the difference is what matters. The success criterion of the organization is to keep pushing the envelope by the innovative use of technology and go-get-it spirit.

Optimism is the key to new development. The portal has had it ingrained in its culture and will enforce it as a primary source of motivation. After all, it is only when you believe you can keep pushing ahead; and find happiness in the process that you actually can beat the odds. It is all about the attitude, and housing.com invites all to adopt an exploratory view; to help improve life and everything that matters.

The portal has adopted a sense of elegance in its functioning where it simplifies information while aspiring for heights using innovation. It does not want a conflict to arise because of a specialist approach towards daily issues. Thinking differently also comes with additional responsibility.

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In Conclusion

Housing.com now stands for innovation, elegance, confidence, clarity, and a passion for excellence. Look up!