Tips for Building Your Dream Home


Whether you’re building your first family home or a small house after retirement, planning can lead to a major difference. Everyone wishes to live their house of dreams, but not all of them are able to fulfil it. You can do so by following a few tips:

  1. Consult an Architect

Technically, an architect must be hired even before you buy your land. He will be able to evaluate its suitability for the kind of house you desire. He would also be able to come up with a plan wherein you can get the best views, sunlight, shadows, trees and more. You can then use the plans and blueprints from your architect, to get quotes and bids from builders. The architect would also have sources and contacts, that can provide the best of material in the market. Go for an architect or designer that can show you a 3-D design, which will allow you to virtually walk around your dream house. This is will save you both time and money.

Some construction companies, have an in-house architect or have a tie-up with a designer, which could be advantageous to the home builder.

  1. Planning

It is immensely essential that you know what you want in your dream house. An architect would help you realise it, but you need to be clear in your head about various aspects such budget, the numbers of rooms required, the size and style of home, etc. Once the structure is built, changes in the plan would be extremely expensive and would also cause an unwanted delay in your project.

  1. Build for future

It is wise to plan for future. Similarly, it extremely wise that you build your house taking in account at least the next ten years. Think about your family and their needs, and what requirements might come up. While designing include all those thoughts or at the minimum leave room for those ideas to take shape in the future. You might want to include wheelchair accessible entry way, or a first-floor master bedroom for an aging adult.

  1. Avoid trends

People tend to follow all trends and fashions while building their home. It has been observed that while it makes the house trendy now, it tends to reduce it utility and class over the years. Trends keep on changing and to keep up with it is difficult. Once a house is made in a certain style, it becomes difficult to redesign it once the trend becomes obsolete. It is recommended to stick with the classics, that makes your home looks trendy always. The same applies to technology as well. State of the art technology might seem exciting but it becomes outdated.



  1. Don’t overbuild

While planning, make sure you don’t add large spaces that might be under-utilized, like a large playground. Make sure you don’t create a room which is difficult to repurpose, once its utility is diminished. This is not only be a waste for you, but you might also have problems if you would ever want to sell it.

If you are unable to come up with the plan of action, seek professional help. They would be able to guide better.


Author: Dustin Padilla

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