The utility of an app defines its importance to the average consumer. Most people will download an online food ordering app to save time and money- well this one does this and more. Read on to find out more…

TinyOwl is an online food ordering app which brings to you food from around the corner- quite literally. You’re to choose wherefrom you’d like your food delivered- but the options are segregated according to your location.
Hailing from Mumbai, TinOwl Technology Pvt Ltd is a small enterprise which has rapidly grown and after taking Mumbai by storm, has entered the markets in Pune, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Bangalore and is still showing no sign of stopping. Some markets have yet to be entered, but the reigns of production have already been pulled and they’re going to be serving you too, very soon.
The basic goal of the app is to make you save time, energy and money on phone calls, pamphlet finding, online browsing and contact production.
By listing together all the relevant eateries’ contact details AND an option of immediately making an order simultaneously, you’re effectively saving 30-45 minutes- if not one or two hours- of your much valued time.
A food ordering app is as such a very popular concept among the app development companies- there are several competitors of TinyOwl and this fact is well established. What then makes it different? And why is it so well known?
Simple answer- This app, unlike its contemporaries, offers you three extra features:

· It locates and enlists delivery options only from among the eateries which are sure to deliver at your current location.

· The option to pay online or to pay after delivery( Cash On Delivery)

· It quotes the minimum price required by the eatery to make a delivery.

· It mentions the average punctuality (quoted in terms of aggregates) of every eatery, based on reviews and ratings.

· It has a simple mechanism of locating the mobile, and then locating the nearest registered restaurants available for delivery.

These alone make it stand out and create serious competition and a brand value in the market.



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Any app whilst getting downloaded should give you some perks. Well, I couldn’t agree more- and neither could they, and they have thus given you the following incentives to give them a chance:

· Delightful deals with countless coupons and various other offers

· A lightweight and low space- battery consuming app

· A great customer feedback system

· Sincere and transparent data


· Online food ordering app

· Available on Google playstore

· Food ordering app

· Online food ordering

easy to use, handy, lightweight, accessible, and extremely useful, the TinyOwl app a big thumbs up from me – everything beginning from the concept to the execution in terms of delivery time and user reviews is as helpful as it is innovative. One tap- and there’s food before you nap. Well then go on and download it already!