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The high-quality Android keyboard apps for on-the-move productivity


Quick: When was the remaining time you idea approximately the keyboard app for your cellphone? If you are anything like the majority, the solution might be somewhere between “a ridiculously long time in the past” and “by no means.” And it’s no surprise: Keyboard apps are clean to forget about!

You deploy one — or stay with whatever got here loaded for your telephone with the aid of default — after which use it to input textual content while you want to. It’s simply there, and except you’re a weirdo who spends hours attempting out distinct keyboards to peer how they examine (and then trying ’em all out once more months later to look how they have got advanced and what different options have come alongside), you are by no means gonna recognize what you are missing.

Well, accurate information, my buddy: I am that weirdo. Somehow, it is my activity. (Crazy, proper?) And I’ve just finished assessing all of the considerable Android keyboard apps of their modern-day incarnations to see what they must provide in 2019 and how they stack up.

Lemme tell ya: These as soon as-unassuming typing tools have come an extended way. The pinnacle Android keyboard apps now provide nearly absurdly polished and delicate text input studies — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Android keyboards today are overflowing with all varieties of superior features that pass way beyond their authentic purposes. And that means it is more important than ever to find the right setup for your non-public productiveness desires.

The high-quality Android keyboard apps for on-the-move productivity 1
So permit’s get into it, we could? These are the quality Android keyboard apps around, damaged down via where they excel and for whom they make the maximum sensitivity. The first-rate all-around Android keyboard app for the general public Gboard (loose)

If you want a big, thoughtfully designed keyboard that works well and is nice to use, Google’s very own Gboard is tough to beat. Gboard is super for accurate swipe-based typing — wherein you slide your finger from one letter to the subsequent without lifting it — and it does a first-rate job at faucet-orientated typing, too, with its integrated typo correction and next-phrase prediction abilities.

And the fundamentals, Gboard helps a variety of potentially useful superior productivity features. For example, you could seek Google right from the keyboard and then paste in outcomes — such things as instructions to a commercial enterprise or a hyperlink to an internet page — directly into the textual content field, wherever you are. You also can prompt an included Google Translate mode that’ll translate anything you kind from one language to some other at the fly.