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Replace Text in Post Topic via MySQL Database in WordPress

Most wordpress users find Elive Net. It is difficult to replace a single word in thousands of posts, so let me make it simple...

Indie hit Terraria coming to PlayStation Vita in December

The play station Vita is it appears getting the building and exploration-based game Terrarium. According to Videogame, an ad for the PS Vita featured...

Chrome gets high-resolution screen support on Windows, too

As windows machines apply in Apple's Retina display footsteps, Google is constructing HiDPI support into its Chrome browser. The browser developer marked HiDPI fortify...

Gmail update lets you save attachments directly to Drive

Hovering over an attachment gives Gmail users the method to obtain a file or put it aside to Google drive. Gmail users now can...

Black Friday deal week: Manic Monday

I first spotted this the day prior to this, so I have no idea how much longer the sale will be in effect (it...