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Here’s how Walmart will fight off Amazon on Black Friday

Walmart is capturing an enormous Black Friday weekend. Walmart is going all out to make sure it is the destination for this yr's vacation...

Is Your Child Ready for The Summer Camp Adventure?

Is your child insisting on setting off on a grand overnight summer camp adventure? Kids often get addicted to all the stories they hear...

iNew v8 VS iNew v3

A v3 package consists of one v3 cell phone, battery, power adapter, USB cable, user manual and headsets. The same applies to v8 presentation....

iPhone 5c: Apple picks profit over marketshare yet again

The higher-than-expected value of Apple Inc's new cheaper iPhone eased concerns about gross margins while arousing corporate issues was once not being aggressive sufficient...

Lenovo launches Flex dual-mode notebooks

Lenovo Graet Gossip unveiled a flurry of products at an event hosted at the IFA 2013 in Berlin, together with a brand new smartphone,...