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Does the Android OnePlus 3T Justify the Premium?

Android shoppers who have had their hearts set on getting themselves a OnePlus3 for Christmas have had their plans thrown into a tailspin by...

Huawei posts strong running revenue for 2013, despite turbulent year

Huawei posts strong operating profitHuawei technologies Co Ltd posted an over 40 % upward push in annual operating profit because the Chinese telecom equipment...

Gmail update lets you save attachments directly to Drive

Hovering over an attachment gives Gmail users the method to obtain a file or put it aside to Google drive. Gmail users now can...

MySQL for Beginners – Its Important Features and Advantages

MySQL for beginners calls for you to first recognize Structured Query Language (SQL), a popular question language, through which you could extract, type, update,...

Chrome gets high-resolution screen support on Windows, too

As windows machines apply in Apple's Retina display footsteps, Google is constructing HiDPI support into its Chrome browser. The browser developer marked HiDPI fortify...