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Gmail update lets you save attachments directly to Drive

Hovering over an attachment gives Gmail users the method to obtain a file or put it aside to Google drive. Gmail users now can...

Indie hit Terraria coming to PlayStation Vita in December

The play station Vita is it appears getting the building and exploration-based game Terrarium. According to Videogame, an ad for the PS Vita featured...

Nokia Lumia 720 dual-SIM variant reportedly in the works

Whereas we still look forward to legitimate confirmation of Nokia's rumoured Lumia 1520, which is anticipated to be launched on September 26, a recent rumour has...

Learn Software Engineering to land your dream job

With the growing demand in software engineering, there are plenty of opportunities to advance your career if you decide to take up this discipline....

MySQL for Beginners – Its Important Features and Advantages

MySQL for beginners calls for you to first recognize Structured Query Language (SQL), a popular question language, through which you could extract, type, update,...