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Obviously, we get several comments each day, and they are many appreciate-able comments by which we fall in love with the comments, but what’s behind it? The main thing behind is simple that they want back-link from your website rather than interest in your website; while going through the few months, I have discovered some of the software that utilizes your WordPress data, and then by sitting at one place, random comments can be made in several wordpress websites in a moment.


I say stop to that comments which are not interested in your blog but in your website SEO Quality. I dislike them because it makes no sense to the Blog reader, and it may cause the down line of your SEO completely. The default WordPress setup makes it too irritating that a comment has been made on your website, and several comments mean several emails each day. That’s really a horrible situation that makes the important mail lost from the hundreds of mail from WordPress comments. So I would like to suggest you some tips to help you out with this situation.

Make sure to have Gravatar:-

Look for the comments made are of having Gravatar or not,If yes then approve it but check out the comments which are perfect or not according to your post. If not, reject to spam list by simply clicking on the spam button after hovering over the comment.

No to too much appreciation:-

Check whether the comment is made with too much appreciation which makes your mind to accept the comment 100%,then reject that why ?because they are mostly like to get backlink not the topic Interest.

Check SEO quality of that page:-

After a comment is made, check the SEO quality of that website as there is some reason behind the quality of the Page for which you are getting several comments on that page. The blog comment Spammer always targets your Best SEO Quality page to comment several times.

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Trackback Verification:-

Check whether the it is comment or trackback as most of the WordPress Users unable to recognise whether it is a comment or Trackback,If you don’t know what is TrackBack hover your mouse here. So be sure to check the website have placed your link before you approve that trackback as some of the easy software makes it easy to send trackback requests to blogs in one click.

Finally, Akismet to solve your problem:-

The best and the ultimate solution that I would recommend using is that the WordPress plugin Akismet  Akismet helps the wordpress system to detect whether the comment is available through search engines and if it is being found on the web, the comment will be sent to a spam list, and there will be no knocking towards you and you are free from Spam Comments. Before you use Akismet, you must sign up for the Akismet to get the key to connecting your server to Akismet, don’t worry; it is free. Just choose the ” Personal ” plan, and you will not be charged a single penny.

Thank you for reading this topic, and I hope you might get help from my Topic; if you are having any questions regarding this topic, be sure to comment below and ask me I am always there to help you out. This is a Guest Post by www.techiestate.com. Also, check their blog www.techieword.com where you find all Tech updates.