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Should I Post to Multiple Blogs?


It is quite a common situation. After determining to start a weblog mainly about your favored interest, you find yourself with nothing approximately that situation to write down one night. However, there may be a specifically exciting submit about a concert you went to last night time just itching to be written.

While you first wanted to write travelogues in your weblog, you locate yourself no longer going everywhere this month and sense like, nicely, perhaps you could attempt your hand at scribbling down some fiction as a substitute. Why ought your blog be confined to only a single facet of your life? Why now not write about different matters? Should you create a brand new blog for every situation you want to write about?

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The solution appears to be deceptively easy. It is spotless to create a new blog; and, if you are new to the complete running a blog experience, perhaps developing a blog on an exceptional platform would be quite a terrific concept. You could get to examine more approximately the complete method, decide which equipment and capabilities are important to you as a blogger, and, definitely, most importantly, you may be keeping your exceptional topics straight and separate.

But is growing a new blog the proper solution? It seems this finally ends up being a query of identity, branding, and, perhaps simply as importantly, your ability to juggle a couple of duties.


Time and time, once more, the online advertising and marketing specialists will seek advice on the significance of setting up a brand, something uniquely identifiable about you, or what it’s far you deliver on your internet website online or blog. There is pretty plenty that contributes to an emblem; emblems, design factors, the desire of colors, and so forth, but it has little meaning except it is accompanied by way of constant content material.

Everyone knows what to expect from a McDonald’s and could be perturbed if they sooner or later became up at one to locate they have been selling something else other than rapid meals.

This is the argument that commonly applies to the query about starting a 2d or 1/3 weblog; or maybe consolidating multiple present blogs into one. If your first blog is established and has a reputation for serving up one unique kind of content material, posting different or contradictory content on the same weblog should mild up some warning symptoms. There are some obvious styles of content material that should be saved separately at all times.

The corporate content material needs to be kept break free from political or private viewpoints, as an instance. If your site is already that massive that it desires to be considered by a brand, then the decision is in reality made for you. Your readers may be proof against modifications on your content material; your logo might not tolerate exceptional concern depend, and as a result, a new venue might be wished.


Most people, however, grossly overestimate how an awful lot of branding they have invested into their site thus far. The first-rate majority of blogs are abandoned in no time, after simplest a lovely identify, topic choice, and a handful of posts.

The blogger discovers they have little or nothing to write down approximately their selected subject or do not sincerely have the time or power. Often the passion is for the writing; however, no longer always for the selected concern; possibly the scope isn’t huge enough; perhaps there truly is nowhere near enough to jot down approximately that challenge to preserve every day or even semi-ordinary posting.

If this is the case, possibly beginning a new weblog isn’t always necessarily the solution; perhaps surely a bit of renaming or redesign is all that it takes? Retitling, selecting topics, possibly getting a better URL are all matters that may be done without splitting from the prevailing content.

Suppose your weblog is new. They’re maybe not going to be an awful lot to lose from making those varieties of adjustments. There isn’t always a sufficient brand at stake.

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Perhaps the most telling issue of whether an unmarried blog is sufficient is whether or now not the blog category can be described as non-public. An instance is probably satisfactory right here. Suppose I started a weblog about a few specific aspects of my lifestyles, as an instance, my current move to the alternative side of us of a. (Quite correctly, at this point, you should understand there may be possibly simplest a restricted quantity of mileage that may be extracted from that one precise difficulty).

Later, I realize that, nicely, I would additionally pretty like to jot down about other passions in my life, including movies, video games, or eating out at restaurants; perhaps I would possibly like to speak about what I do for a living, or what I studied at the faculty. While these all appear to be extraordinary topics, they may be, in reality, all specific aspects of myself.

The concern of my current weblog turned into absolutely too specific. Writing approximately distinctive components of myself no longer requires more than one blog; in lots of methods, an unmarried blog is more sincere, and content can certainly be delineated if needed to use tags and categories. I may have a weblog whose concern is me and whose tags or classes can reflect the range of that pinnacle-stage concern.


By a long way, but the element on the way to have the best impact on whether you start a couple of blogs is whether or not you have the capacity to handle the logistics. Everything is scaled up using various blogs you’re walking simultaneously; moreover, every component of this scaling works towards you.

It is better to have one weblog overlaying many topics you frequently publish, rather than several blogs every targeted on particular topics that rarely acquire new posts. Any merchandising efforts you make with one weblog ought to be replicated for others. Perhaps a bit perversely, everybody who does join the distinctive blogs with the identical creator will deliver any negative perceptions from one to the other.

You will need to preserve your self-organized, perhaps even disciplined; dedicate yourself to at least reasonable editorial cut-off dates as to how frequently and whilst to post; partition our pc and workspace thus; and, in short, it would grow to be a little an excessive amount of like work – so frequently the kiss of demise for any creative endeavor.

It is sincerely not possible. There are plenty of running blog celebrities available with excessive-profile websites and well-established manufacturers that submit to a couple of sites. Still, in lots of thones’ cases, that is the manner they earn their dwelling. If your running blog efforts are small and private, you can perhaps no longer be able to invest that degree of time and strength in your hobby.

For the excellent majority of folks who long to have a small weblog that we maintain and nurture, one website is enough, and the paintings required to manipulate that is reasonable. If, however, you ought to blog or write as your career, then you’ll definitely want to make investments with greater effort and perform a few critical time management.

What next?

If you’re thinking about starting a 2nd or 1/3 blog, diversifying into the new content material, or splitting your present weblog into more than one website, it might pay to ask several questions earlier than you proceed. Determine whether or not or now not the cut-up is, without a doubt, essential, which may be the case if you are blogging from a corporate attitude; however, it is not going to private blogs.

Both beginning a brand new weblog or redefining a present one will affect your existing readership, quite in all likelihood negatively. Above all, admire that a couple of blog goes to grow your workload and your organizational necessities; it is not necessarily going to make lifestyles any easier. Even if you decide that keeping a single blog is the proper manner to go, however, is no excuse for being inactive.

Spend a bit of time organizing your tags and categories, tweaking your templates, and otherwise arranging your current weblog, and you can discover more than one blog are not wished; one tidy, well-organized weblog is some distance finest.