Sennheiser is a call that wishes no advent within the world of audio, but PC gamers may not be aware of its top class gaming headsets for the ones who have high audio standards and the deep wallet. According to Sennheiser, the PC 373D headphones (See it on Amazon) are “Hands down Sennheiser’s excellent headset for PC gaming.” At a $250 MSRP, they better be, as it truly is approximate $100 greater than similar high-stop headsets from Razer, Logitech, et al. The PC 373D objectives to deliver the entire package deal with terrific audio fine, a noise-canceling microphone, and a solid and relaxed build. This headset functions the precise equal layout as the equally priced Game One headset but outdoes it employing proposing supplying Dolby 7.1 surround sound and handy software management.

SENNHEISERDesign and Features

Sennheiser’s approach to the PC 373D’s layout is quite honest, as they’re comprised generally of matte black plastic alongside black velvet cushions and a few red accents on the microphone, making them incredibly understated in a marketplace that is populated with merchandise featuring angular designs, flashing lights, and shiny hues.

The headset’s diffused layout allows it to seem like it is in its herbal habitat whether or not it’s next to a gaming PC, in a song studio, or at a computing device. Aside from the horizontal slats at the earcups, the handiest added characteristics are a small extent knob it truly is flush with the proper cup and the non-detachable boom mic at the left.

The headset connects to a PC thru USB, and inside the route from the headset to the PC is a small dongle used to toggle the Dolby 7.1 surround sound mode. With the single-button dongle and earcup’s extent knob, maximum audio adjustments were effortlessly made on the fly and muting the mic is as easy as swiveling the boom to an upright role.

The 373D does offer additional audio controls though as Sennheiser gives a software application that offers brief access to EQ presets and a few more features thru a small pop-up window handy through the Windows taskbar. The swiveling microphone features noise cancellation and a bendable tip.

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Sennheiser’s simplistic technique to hardware layout is also apparent with the 373D’s partner software. Instead of presenting a dizzying array of different EQ presets, there are simplest four non-adjustable equalizer alternatives: Music, eSport, Games, and Off. The Music preset enhances bass and treble; eSport sets a treble-heavy EQ in order that sound consequences like gunshots don’t drown out incoming footsteps:

The Game alternative most exceptionally increases bass, or you may additionally pick out to not use any of the presets. Also to be had via the identical brief-get right of entry to an application are options to activate the microphone’s noise reduction feature, select the quantity of mic tracking, and toggle the surround sound thru a minimalist menu layout that lets in fast adjustments at some stage in gaming or viewing periods.


F evidently sampled the Game preset, for gamingand determined it offered a pleasing stability of introduced bass while keeping treble at a bearable level. The sound of squaddies walking round from all guidelines as airplanes flew overhead in Battlefield 1 got here thru loud and clear. With the 7.1 Dolby choice activated the orchestra of war crammed my earcups without any sign of distortion, even at better volumes.

Quieter moments that involved creeping in the back of enemy lines aalsohighlighted the surround sound feature,. Iturned into able to without difficulty perceive the path wherein chatty squaddies were status watch in order that I may want to avoid detection. Since the headphones use an open-back earcup layout, airflow is advanced for binge gaming comfort however sound isn’t always restrained to just the listener. At high volumes, tune and games have been heard from down the hallway in my house.

While I enjoy the brought intensity of sound from open-returned earcups, a herbal flaw is that sound leaks at a miles higher level than enclosed, closed-back alternatives. The design that makes tune and online game consequences sound more full become additionally a nuisance for absolutely everyone in my trendy area. These, in reality, are not headphones to take to a coffee store or workplace with coworkers nearby.



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The Music choice paired with surround sound became off labored wonderful with a number of song genres. The dynamic drivers produced bass that was heavy but not overpowering, vocals came via surely, and instrumentation sounded properly-balanced when paying attention to the whole lot from vintage faculty hip hop and rock to EDM and musical soundtracks.

The lows were more distinguished on the 373D than the Turtle Beach Elite Pro (overview coming soon) and sound changed into brought with more readability than Turtle Beach’s Ear Force XP510. Sennheiser has a reputation for making excellent headphones for music, and it is quite clear why after the usage of the PC 373D. Although I do no longer participate in competitive-stage eSports,

I determined that specific preset and its cognizance on treble whilst completely ditching bass as an alternative disturbing. The default audio profile shouldn’t be ignored,because it nevertheless pushes out a flexible EQ that may be used in a ramification of instances. Sadly there’s no manner to make any changes to the default EQ, which sincerely maintains matters simple, however, is an as an alternative disappointing “function” on a hard and fast of $250 headphones.

headsets The swiveling microphone turned into higher than those found on different gaming headphones I’ve used, despite the fact that isn’t to the extent that I might need to apply for something like recording a podcast. The mic changed into apick-out-upextra bass than Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro headset and my voice got here ilearer than while using the Razer Tiamat 7.1 or Kraken Pro.

Those on the opposite facet of cellphone calls and gaming sessions had no problem hearing me loud and clear, helped in part with the aid of the microphone’s noise reduction abilities.
The 373D’s XXL earcup cushions supplied extra than sufficient room around my ears and felt at ease and funky even after hours of use, as did the velvet padding alongside the bottom of the headscarf. A low-profile design and shortage of heavier substances aandmetal hold the unit lightweight, aowering fatigue from use.

The use of plastic can be challenge years down the line while it can start to loosen up a piece, but out of the field, the earcups and headscarves were sturdy sufficient to sit down securely around my head and stayed in place without having to readjust at any time. If it weren’t for the attached microphone and 373D’s USB-best connectivity, I might be just as inclined to put on the headphones out in public even as being attentive to music on my phone as I am within the privacy of my domestic workplace,

Particularly with its discreet design and comfortable, breathable construct. It’s a shame Sennheiser doesn’t encompass a USB-to-3.5mm jack adapter, but it does offer adapters as add-ons for use with consoles, though you won’t get the 7.1 surround sound with something apart from a PC.