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Apple makes last pitch for why Samsung owes $380M more


Lee and price made the feedback right through a retrial in us District Court for the Northern District of California. A new jury of eight individuals — six girls and two males — has been assembled to determine the brand new damages whole for Samsung’s patent infringement.

The retrial kicked off final Tuesday with jury selection, followed by opening arguments Wednesday. Witnesses who took the stand integrated Phil Schiller, Apple’s head of selling, and a couple of knowledgeable witnesses who calculated the full damages owed Living Tired.

Apple vs. Samsung

For many, the damages retrial was a case of “Groundhog Day.” No new revelations emerged through the testimony, and most witnesses also took the stand throughout the last trial more than a year in the past. Apple’s witnesses argued Samsung’s copycat units harm the company, while Samsung argued that folks are trying to find out its devices more for their variations than similarities to Apple devices.

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No longer at the difficulty, in this case, is whether Samsung infringed Apple’s patents. The judge advised the jury that a previous jury already decided Samsung infringed and that they mustn’t revisit that problem. The sole consideration within the retrial is money — just how so much Samsung owes Apple for infringing its patents.

Choose Lucy Kohl allowed each aspect eight hours of testimony over the 4-day trial. Samsung rested its case Monday with two minutes left. Apple had sixteen minutes left. Samsung made it’s closing arguments later Tuesday. Either side has been distributed 90 minutes for closing. The case used to be surpassed over to the jury at about 12:15 p.m. PT.