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Recovering The Essential Data With EaseUS Recovery Software


One of the most finest data recovery software is the EaseUS data recovery software which has all these years assisted many users in recovering their important lost data. It helps in the combination of easy to use interface with the solid tools and provides a user friendly data recovery experience to the user. No complications are there in the process and everything is fully fine.

The software can recover from multiple storage devices, such as flash drives, memory card, pen drives, MP4 players etc. even the hard drive recovery and SD card recovery is possible with the help of these. The software can help people recover all sorts of files, from all kinds of situations such as hard disk failure, OS crash, system failure, corrupted files, virus attacks, lost partitions etc. EaseUS Data recovery software has made a prominent name among the best data recovery software, due to its quick and reliable searching methods. The software is available for free to download from the official website. The free version allows the user to recover at least 2 GB of data. If you wish to recover more, you can purchase either the Pro or Pro+WinPE version of the software, which offers unlimited recovery of data with additional technical support in all aspects.

In order to begin the recovery process, the person must first download and install the software. Once this has been done, the software itself analyses the storage devices that are connected and promptly proceeds to the step of choosing the drive. Once the search has been completed, the quick search mode initializes. This mode begins quickly and scans the memory for all the files that had been deleted recently. It is a very reliable mode that brings out the best results as much as possible. after the completion of this step, another mode that is the deep scan mode is activated.

Select SD Card
Recover Deleted Files

When there is an experienced loss of data, it is better to stop working on the PC and stop fondling over the external storage system. Right clicking a file and pressing the delete button, hides the data from the system and gives a free space usage; for this, the data can be retrieved easily by making a new file directory.

Some steps for retrieving the lost data are:

  1. Recovering deleted information from Windows recycle bin

In case, the files are by mistakenly deleted from the actual storage site, but not from the recycle bin, it is easy to retrieve them back. Open recycle bin, right click on the deleted file and select the restore option.

2.To recover deleted data


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If the recycle bin has also been emptied, the files can be restored by using widows built in free backup Start my computer (search for the folder where the file was kept earlier); restore previous ;choose desirable option) restore

3. Recovering from data recovery software- all you need to do is start, scan and recover. In this the majority part is done by the system.