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Nine tech torments I’d like to see fixed in 2014


Methods to do things right: a keyboard lengthy-press on the x key in Android’s SwiftKey keyboard will disclose many currency symbols. If only windows, Chrome OS, and iOS adopted a similar method. I understand it’s the season of thankfulness and giving, but it is time to complain.

How to do things right: a keyboard long-press on the x key in Android's SwiftKey keyboard will reveal a bunch of currency symbols.

I revel in know-how, and I enjoy how troublesome it’s to write down that entire instrument and design all that hardware. I take advantage of it day by day, usually for many hours, and it has more advantageous my existence in countless methods. But when there are shortcomings I encounter, again and again, my irritation skyrockets.

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The object is, many of these problems can be mounted. The computing trade is fixing large issues with USB ports and cables. I no longer have to bother getting iOS 7’s. Keep an eye on the panel to point out with a swipe up from the bottom of my iPod’s monitor. My ISP just upgraded my community at no charge to me so that my online backups take minutes or hours as a substitute for hours or days. Specks of dust on my SLR’s picture sensor had been, in point of fact, aggravating on my remaining camera; however, now hardly ever computer virus me. Improvements provide me, coronary heart.