Keep your kids safe with bunk beds

We love our children and children Blog Express  love their bunk beds. But kids have a high risk of injuring on bunk beds. On the other side, bunk beds are quite convenient for use, save a lot of space in the house and kids also love to sleep on them as they find them very attractive and feel that the bed is their world as they play, study and sleep on it. Whatever it is, whether children love to sleep or play on it their safety is very important.

Bunk beds are actually a compatible bedding system in which two or at times more beds are stacked on top of each other. These beds are separated by support posts. These beds combine two beds and still allow two sleepers to have their own separate sleeping space ensuring that they enjoy a peaceful sleep. Such bedding system is an important part of houses especially where there is little space and members are many. You will also find this system of bedding in hostels and military training camps.

To gain maximum utility, it is a must to install a ladder on the side of the bunk beds as this allows the occupants to climb with ease on the bed and have a safe way to get in and out of the top bed. One must make sure that the ladder is securely mounted to the side of the frame of the bed. If the bunk bed you choose doesn’t have a ladder, make sure you attach a permanent one on it. If your bunk bed is such that an external ladder can’t be attached permanently, make arrangements that the ladder is attached to the frame of the top bunk and it remains stabilized on the floor. Also make sure that the ladders are easily accessible to the child in such a way that it is not disturbing the person’s sleep that sleeps on the bottom bunk.

Structure of the bed frame is very important for safety. Always choose a bed frame that is made up of a solid, sturdy material, such as wood or steel. Also make sure that the beds have a flat base. There are some bed frames that bracket into the wall thus provides additional support and safety. It is important that the bed is able to support the weight and movement of both your kids, without bending or breaking


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The weight carrying capacity determines the extent of safety that the bed provides. Always look for a bed which is able to support a moving weight up to 200 lbs. In case if there is only one kid sleeping on the bunk bed make sure that the kid is sleeping in the bottom bed. Also, make the lighter of the two kids choose the top bunk. One must make sure that there is never more than one child sleeping on the top bed, while the bottom can be shared by two if the need be.

One tends to outgrow Bunk Beds once we hit the puberty monster and later as we proceed to adulthood. But don’t let your kids miss the fun of clambering up to the top bunk just because safety is an issue. Follow these super simple hacks and make sleeping a fun game for your kids.

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