Home Gadgets Insanely lifelike Morgan Freeman portrait painted on an iPad

Insanely lifelike Morgan Freeman portrait painted on an iPad

Insanely lifelike Morgan Freeman portrait painted on an iPad 1

A gifted artist can get quite a few mileage out of the more than a few artwork apps to be had for the iPad, however we isn’t by no means seen the rest like this. Digital artist Kyle Lambert has created a portrait of actor Morgan Freeman that’s so life like we should not have believed he’d painted it at all — never mind on an iPad.

Fortuitously, he shot a time-lapse of the method for you to see precisely how it was once executed. About 200 hours and 285,000 brushstrokes were condensed down to just three minutes so as to see, stroke by using stroke, how the picture was once put collectively.

“I recently found out that it was possible to create incredibly high-decision (4K) art work the use of best my iPad, and I wanted to look just how some distance I could push digital artwork and paint a true photorealistic portrait,” Lambert stated by the use of rationalization. “I started with a blank white display and commenced capturing Morgan Freeman’s likeness, quick painting the large strokes with my finger. I then lowered the brush measurement to some pixels, pinched to zoom and in moderation painted in the nice detail.”

The portrait is in line with an actual picture taken with the aid of Scott Gris — Lambert did not create the picture from reminiscence — but even so, it’s an excellent piece of labor.

For his platform, he used the $5.ninety nine app Procreate, released earlier this yr and recipient of an Apple Design Award. The app has a built-in 1080p video seize function that allows artists to document each stroke in real time and export the finished video file.

“One of the biggest causes I decided to do that portray was once to encourage other budding artists to embrace digital artwork,” Lambert said. “A pal of mine who is a faculty teacher defined to me lately that each time he performs one among my painting videos in school, his college students grow to be exceptionally more engaged and interested by growing art. The concept more persons are enticing in artwork because of one thing that I’ve created is superb to me.”


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The portray, in reality, seems to be so as regards to the original source photo that many have doubted its authenticity, a lot in order that Procreate co-founder James Coda felt moved to substantiate it.

“This portrait of Morgan Freeman is so real looking, so smartly crafted, many imagine it can be a faux. That is testimony to the quality of Kyle’s potential. His work is so life like, it can be practically indistinguishable from the reference photo by way of Scott Gris,” he stated in a commentary. “The controversy prompted us to check the source file for ourselves, and after analysis we have been in a position to substantiate that what we are seeing is the actual deal.”