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How to get more followers on Twitter ?


With the recent developments, it has been noticed that Twitter has enabled users to explore infinite boundaries within this social networking site. Twitter is all about getting the most of limited words; in 160 words tweets, the users express themselves and speak about their personal social and business lives. Twitter also enables the user to follow and get followed. The followers can view the tweets by their fans and comment on them. However, it becomes an interesting mystery for beginners to understand how to encourage a following. Here are a few tips on how to get more followers on Twitter:

twitter1. Authentification

If you’re a celebrity, then the simplest and the sure-shot way of getting many followers is to get your account verified. Once people realize that the account is original, it is easy for them to trust your account and follow you. Once the account is verified, a long queue of followers is witnessed on your account.

2. Create a good Avatar

Having an avatar that doesn’t actually grasp the gist of your professional self would do you more harm than good. Upon projecting an unprofessional, you might end up risking your professional image. This would directly affect your fan following.

3. Try to cash in on the Twitter Rush hour

Even if you’re a celebrity with a diehard fan base, if you start tweeting at midnight and close the shop at 5 am, it would hardly catch the attention and eyes of your followers. Because in an ever-changing world that is faster than Twitter, the tweet gets old within a matter of few hours, so it’s imperative to time your tweets around the hours when the tweeting is at its peak.

4. A Powerful and encapsulating Profile Bio

If you’re not already very famous or a big celebrity, you need to be someone others might look up to. A fan base always looks for their heroes, and it’s an important tip to increase your fan following.

5. Question your followers

The sure short way of getting tweets addressed to you is by asking questions eve with a limited follower base. You’re bound to get answers to intriguing questions because there is a little child inside a follower. This increases the credibility of the person and hence increases the following to a great extent.

6. To tweet about interesting stuff

There’s a lot of interesting stuff always flowing in the internet space, so it’s an intelligent move to share links to interesting websites and web pages. The pictures with some humor are always appreciated and have a huge following. Out of immense options in this world, to catch a follower’s attention, a person has to stand out his profile in comparison to the regular ones. Retweeting about interesting facts is never discouraged, so a person should never hesitate to re-sharing the tweets already shared by others.

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