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How to change voice in Skype


Skype is best instant messaging service which you can use on your PC to communicate with your friends and family members for free. With Skype you are not far from home as you can simply use the app for starting a video call and chatting with all your family members. The software also allows you to make voice calls and that too for free to all the members who are using Skype. Skype is also available for smartphones running on iOS and android which allows you to use Skype on the go. If you want to call anyone’s landline number using Skype you can purchase credits and talk with anyone around the world as it is way cheaper as compared to the plans provided by network providers.


Many people who use skype don’t know that there is an option to change voice in Skype. Using different programs you can easily change voice in Skype. One of the programs which will help you in changing your voice is ClownFish. ClownFish helps you in speaking in different languages and voices and that too in real time.ClownFish is compatible with Windows Operating system and will work on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The software comes with a lot of features and if you want to change voice in Skype using ClownFish you can follow the tutorial shared below.

1. First of all you need to download ClownFish for Skype. You can download it from that site.

2. Once downloaded install the software following in-screen installation instructions.

3. After you have installed ClownFish successfully log in to your Skype account. You will be requested to give access to ClownFish. Allow it by clicking on Allow Access.

4. Now go to the System Tray from where you can choose the voice you want to try or different language. Right click on the ClownFish icon and you will see many options there. Choose the one which you want to open.

We hope you have easily changed the voice in Skype using ClownFish. There are two other programs too which will help you in changing voice in Skype. These programs are Scramby and MorphVOX Pro.


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Changing Voice using Scramby

Scramby is similar to ClownFish software. You can easily change voice while you are having a conversation in Scramby by choosing from a set of options. Scramby also comes with many amazing features which allow you to import with VST and WAV files and also adjust the volume settings for better call quality.

MorphVOX Pro

The last app which you can use for changing voice in Skype is MorphVOX Pro. If you are looking for a software with advanced features you should try MorphVOX Pro. The software is a premium one but comes with many advanced features which you won’t get in Scramby or Clownfish. We hope now you know how you can change voice in Skype. If you are having any problems during this process please use the comments section to clear your doubts.