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Head Scarves – Perfect For Chemotherapy and Cancer Treatments


One of the most frightening diseases you can get is cancer. However, thanks to the improvement modern medicine has made, there is hope for thousands of people suffering from this dreaded and life-threatening disease. This said, the treatment for cancer can be quite debilitating, especially chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can cause a lot of side effects ranging from severe nausea, anemia and, of course, hair loss.


Hair loss is a difficult to handle for any cancer patient. Besides feeling sick with the disease and subsequent treatment, you now have to cope with being self-conscious. This feeling is completely natural and it the person’s family, doctor and friends should reach out and lend support at this hour.

One way to handle the stress of hair loss is to use chemotherapy head scarves, caps and hats. These hats for cancer are more popular for women than men. In addition, the scarves are not expensive at all and you can purchase many in different colors and styles to complement the outfits you wear. Many of the chemo head scarfs are long so that they can be wrapped around the head. Many of our styles are made from cotton, any textured fabric, linen and silk.

If you’re suffering from cancer, you should not consider chemotherapy head scarves as a way of hiding your disease. You should view these scarves positively as they can be used over and over again even after the disease is cured and your hair grows back. Even as a cancer patient, wearing the scarf is like a fashion statement rather than proclaiming your illness.

Some women undergoing cancer treatment are afraid to use chemotherapy head scarves because they feel that tying the scarves will be an issue. Tying a head scarf is not as difficult as it looks and you can concentrate on honing your scarf tying skills. A simple method of tying the head scarf is by folding it into a triangle, putting the scarf on your head with the point of the triangle facing your back. Take the two ends of the scarf and tie them behind your neck towards the base of your head. Make sure that you tie the knot over the point of the triangle. Of course, this is only necessary for head scarves and not required for a cap or hat.

As mentioned earlier, the good thing about chemotherapy head scarves is that you can continue wearing them even after your hair grows back. But, it is not necessary then to wear them on your head. You can drape them round your shoulders, tie them round your neck, use them as belts or just wear them in different styles on your head. The difference will be that when you do this, you will have a head full of hair!

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