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Hackers use Dropbox, WordPress to spread malware


The Chinese cyberspies My General behind the commonly publicized espionage marketing campaign in opposition to the New York occasions have added Dropbox and WordPress to their bag of spear-phishing tricks. The gang, recognized in safety circles because the DNSCalc gang has been using the Dropbox file-sharing provider for roughly the final twelve months as a mechanism for spreading malware, mentioned rich Barger, chief intelligence officer for Cyber Squared. Whereas the strategy is just not unique, it remains under the radar of most firms.

Hackers use Dropbox, WordPress to spread malware 1

I would not say it is new,” Barger stated on Thursday. “It can be just something that folks don’t seem to be in reality taking a look at or listening to. The gang is amongst 20 Chinese teams identified this yr. by using security firm Mandiant that launch cyber-attacks against particular ambitions to steal knowledge. In this case, the DNSCalc gang was once going after intelligence on folks or governments linked to the association of Southeast Asian international locations. ASEAN is a non-governmental crew that represents the commercial pursuits of ten Southeast Asian nations.

The attackers didn’t exploit any vulnerability in Dropbox or WordPress. As an alternative, they spread out accounts and used the services as their infrastructure. The gang uploaded on Dropbox a. ZIP file disguised as belonging to the U.S.-ASEAN industry Council. Messages had been then sent to individuals or companies that might be interested within the draft of a Council coverage paper. The paper contained in the file was once legit, Barger said.

When a recipient unzipped the file, they noticed some other person who learn, “2013 US-ASEAN business Council remark of Priorities in the -ASEAN business Relationship policy Paper.scr.” Clicking on the file would launch a PDF of the file, whereas the malware opened a backdoor to the host laptop in the historical past.

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Once the door was once open, the malware would attain out to a WordPress blog created through the attackers. The weblog contained the IP handle and port number of a command and regulated server that the malware would contact to download further instruments. Dropbox is a fascinating launchpad for assaults as a result of employees of many firms use the provider. “People trust Dropbox,” Barger stated.

For firms with the carrier on its whitelist, malware moving from Dropbox won’t be detected through an organization’s intrusion prevention methods. Also, communications to a WordPress blog would probably go undetected because it would no longer be strange habits for any employee to get admission to the internet. Usually, no single know-how can prevent such an attack. “There isn’t a silver bullet right here,” Barger mentioned.

The most effective prevention is for security pros to share information when their corporations are centered so that others can draw up their own safety, he mentioned. In the New York occasions assault, the hackers penetrated the newspaper’s programs in September 2012 and labored undercover for four months before they had been detected. The attack coincided with an investigative piece the newspaper published on industry dealings that reaped a few billion bucks for the family of Wen Jiabao, China’s top minister.