eBay India Census 2012

eBay India Census 2012 reveals facts on India’s online shopping trends

The eBay India Census is an annual eBay property, designed to throw light on online buying and selling behaviour in India as well as trends from global eBayers buying from Indian entrepreneurs. eBay Census 2012 is in its fifth annual edition. The eBay India Census is one-of-a-kind research guide that presents interesting online shopping trends by analyzing transactions completed across 4,306 eCommerce Hubs in 28 states and 7 Union Territories in India. Additionally, eBay India Census also presents export trends to 523 hubs as well as import trends from 2638 hubs in the country. eBay India (www.ebay.in)extracted trend based information on the study of all transactions on its website over 18 months (All online buying and selling transactions beginning July 1, 2011 and ending December 31, 2012).

Key findings from eBay Census 2012 can be found in the eBay Census Guide as well as a dedicated microsite – www.ebay.in/census. eBay is a truly global community, but the most important community is the place where you live, laugh, work and play. eBay Census reveals the who, what and where of eBay India transactions For Tricks.

Interesting fun facts; unique purchases from deals, fixed price and charity; local; national and global trends as well as brands, all come to light in eBay India Census 2012. From Assam to Lakshadweep, Apple to Reebok, Australia to Netherlands, Diamonds to Tablets – we covered it all in eBay Census.

eBay Census is an excellent reference guide to Media, Academicians, Students, Trend Forecasters, Government, Industry Bodies, Brands, Marketers, Online Shoppers, Entrepreneurs, Internet Users and just about anyone who would like to glean trends and understand what Indians trade online.

Read on to find out what your city’s Top Buys and Sells are. Log onto www.eBay.in/census to request a copy of the eBay Census Guide and to see how the Top 20 cities of India ranked in eCommerce.

eBay Census 2012: City Rankings


eBay Census 2012: Rural Rankings


eBay Census 2012: State Rankings


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Author: Rohit Shetty

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