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Do you own a business, and are looking to get more customers for your product or service?

You might have tried several approaches like the print media and yellow page magazine but there is a high chance that you are not satisfied with the results of their marketing campaigns.

Allow me to introduce you to an application, that would connect you with millions of potential buyers. Ask Me, is one such application that takes care of all the marketing that your business needs.

Why Do I need Ask Me?

Every business owner wants to connect to more and more clients to sell his products and services. Print media being an older version of communication are no longer the best way to promote your brand. You need something that speaks about your brand in a more interactive way and gives your brand the spotlight to get customer attention Blogging Kits.

Ask me help you achieve this by promoting all the products and services you have to offer. The best part about Ask me is that, after you claim your business, people who like your services and product will be able to submit a review about your business. This would lead to getting even more customers and help you prosper your business.

How Do I Claim my business on Ask Me?

Claiming a business on Ask Me is so simple, that even a small kid can do it. Have a look at the image below. You just need to submit the text fields and that’s it. Claiming a business on Ask Me is just a matter of a few minutes, but it would help your business life long.


You just need to enter your business details such as your business name, its location, your email id, pin code and your mobile number. Submit all these details on Claim your business page of Ask me and multiply your sales and revenues.

Some other Cool Features of Ask Me:-

Ranbir Kapoor is the brand ambassador of Ask me app. Have a look at the promotional video for Ask ME app:-

Ask me has a very easy to use interface, you could understand the way it works within a minute and use it to your advantage. Ask me app provides you some cool features as follows:-

  • From getting a cab to getting your dream Job, Ask me can help you with any of your problems, be it big or small.
  • Have a query on which Education field to chose, call ask me and get an answer
  • Buy any product at the cheapest rates
  • Make your wedding experience unforgettable by using their services
  • Find the contact details of other prominent business owners in your locality
  • Post deals and Post Ad and generate review
  • Shop for gadget, gizmos, clothes and much more at Ask Me Bazaar

Get it Now And Increase Your Online Presence:-

Ask me App is available for download on Google Play store. The application is now available only for the Android platform, but is soon going to be available for iOS platform. You can download Ask me using the link given below:-


Or use this QR Code for Ask me


Ask me App is a light weight application which occupies only 2.4 MB of storage on your device, and in return it offers you tons of services and a potential to increase your online presence and authority. It not only will help you generate sales and revenues for your business, but will also act as a replacement to all the crappy apps you might have on your smartphone. I hope you have a wonderful experience using this app.

Author: Rohit Shetty

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