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Choosing the Right Water Tank


There can be multiple reasons for buying a water tank for your home can be numerous; from wanting to store rainwater, to wanting to conserve water, to being forced to store water because the area you live in might be in a drought, or to store fresh water. The reasons for storing water are numerous, and with water becoming a scarce resource for most of us, storing water becomes increasingly important in today’s society. Despite the reason, the numbers of homes that own water tanks have increased dramatically, and it is a good idea to own a water tank – even if it is just used for emergencies, it is always better to be prepared for all situations.

Water storage tanks used to be made out of wood, and have been made out of wood for hundreds of years – and can last for a long time if they are maintained well. However, one issue with wood is that wood tends to swell, or get warped, because of the moisture. Therefore, though wooden tanks may have an aesthetic appeal to it, the maintenance cost may be high.

Steel tanks are often used industrially, to store a variety of liquids – and are preferred because of their strength, and the fact that it’s possible to store a large amount of water. Steel tanks are often made into units of themselves, and can easily be shipped or transported, or designed on site.

Concrete tanks can be pre-made and shipped to the site. Due to their weight, concrete tanks require heavy machinery, but most concrete tanks tend to las for fifty years, or more.

Fiberglass tanks have numerous advantages – the biggest advantage being their strength-to-weight ratio, allowing fiberglass tanks to be built almost anywhere. Another advantage is the fact that fiberglass tanks won’t rot or get rusted, and so the maintenance costs for fiberglass tanks are relatively lower.



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Polythene water storage tanks, however, are the most popular – as they are light in weight, strong and durable, easy to work with and easy to install. The fact that they are rotationally moulded means that there is no seam, so leaks are prevented; and they do not require a special foundation, and can be built on any base, including pavement. These tanks are added with UV inhibitors as well, adding to the lifetime of these tanks, which currently stands at fifteen years, or more.

Aco Containers is a manufacturer of containers that sells rotationally moulded products – and produces a wide variety of plastic storage tanks, chemical and industrial tanks, transportation tanks, and other polyethelene tanks and products. Most of these tanks are used in industries, or by municipalities. Aco Containers makes sure that all clients are satisfied by producing one of the strongest, most reliable, and most resistant containers on the market, all while adhering to state and national laws – and are sold to the public at very competitive rates. Aco Containers also specialize in custom making tanks to fit to your individual requirements – and will make sure that your needs are met with utmost precision – all while making sure that government regulations are followed, so that every single requirement is satisfied, and that the job is done as quickly as possible.