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Apps That Are Changing Our Lives


Electronic apps are taking over the world – that much we know. But what can be interesting is looking at the specific apps that actually have potential to drastically change the ways in which we do things. For example, it’s easy to suggest that Words With Friends or Plants Vs. Zombies has significant impact on us – but really, these are just a couple of thousands of available and popular games. Here instead are 5 mobile apps that have potential to drastically alter (and in some cases have already begun to alter) entertainment and lifestyle Unique Press.

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1. Spotify

What It Is: A convenient, subscription music service, Spotify brings you all of the music you could possibly want, without having to mess with downloads and libraries.

What It Means: Spotify has already spread to a massive breadth of users, and truthfully has the potential to derail popular music listening applications like iTunes. It may cost a monthly fee, but once you pay that fee it’s completely limitless, and this is appealing to music fans.

2. Pulse News

What It Is: Pulse is basically a system for consolidating your news into one location. You choose the sites you want  in different categories, and Pulse pulls headlines and stories from those sites.

What It Means: Pulse, and other similar apps like Flipboard, has the potential to totally change the ways in which people access news through mobile devices. Frankly, browsing on tablets and smartphones can be inconvenient, and Pulse simplifies things.

3. Poker In Play

What It Is: This is the mobile poker application of. It provides a unique take on the game whereby you bet (real money) on which hand will win, instead of trying to win with your own hand.

What It Means: Poker In Play symbolizes the transition of real money gambling capability to mobile devices. Online casinos are gaining steam all over the world (and will likely be legal in the U.S. before much longer), and mobile capability makes gambling more convenient than ever before.

4. CliffsNotes

What It Is: You guessed it – the mobile app form of the popular study aid (and, let’s be honest, cheating tool) CliffsNotes.

What It Means: This is truly an incredible study tool for young students. Easy access to book summaries, thematic analysis, character descriptions, and book quizzes makes English and Literature coursework at all levels a walk in the park.

5. Dropbox

What It Is: Dropbox is one of the simplest and most widely used of many cloud storage services on the market, easily available for mobile devices.

What It Means: Cloud storage in general is quickly changing the ways in which we store and share digital data. However, for many people high-end cloud services remain inaccessible. Dropbox brings the cloud to anyone who’s interested.