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Apple makes last pitch for why Samsung owes $380M more

Lee and price made the feedback right through a retrial in us District Court for the Northern District of California. A new jury of...

Nginx upgrade funded by fans of Google’s SPDY Web protocol

SPDY,  My Update System Google's know-how for dashing up web looking is set to strengthen a step next month with toughen for the latest model...

Microsoft beware: Google Chromebooks could surge

Shipments of Chromebooks based on Google's Chrome running system will surge in the 2nd 1/2 of this year, in step with an Asia-based report....

Twice Told Tales in Education

For a maximum of beyond a decade, I have mentioned lessons of graduate and undergraduate college students the effect of unions within the private...

Microsoft to fix new Internet Explorer zero-day flaw in monthly patch

Software giant, Microsoft has introduced the newest web Explorer zero-day flaw, titled CVE-2013-3918, together with the news that the identical can be mounted on...