The DLC is a return to Battlefield three, with the featured maps basically being remakes of one of the in style ones from BF3, together with Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, Operation Firestorm and Metro. While the maps are the same, they’ll include probably the most new Battlefield four features equivalent to superior destruction and evolution Extra Update.

After 2nd Assault is out, cube will start engaged on the China Rising DLC, so that it will involve combating on the Chinese mainland. After that, Naval Strike, Dragon’s tooth and final Stand can be launched over time. Naval Strike, because the identify would indicate, concentrates on naval battles. Dragon’s teeth will involve urban war with the aid of the use. Final Stand will be an end to the good struggle that has been performed out within the other map packs.



Prepare for the 2d assault!

Battlefield 4 made its solution to shops back in October. It has a slightly unimpressive single participant marketing campaign, however its primary focal point is the multiplayer, as is clear from the entire DLC the sport will be getting. inspect our review of Battlefield 4, the place we idea it used to be beautiful just right as long as you stayed far from the single player marketing campaign, however a little bit too overpriced.



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Battlefield 4 is out now on computer, Xbox 360, play station 3 and sour. The Xbox One shall be getting the game as a part of its launch line-up.