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Average Internet speed in India up 21 percent to 1.3Mbps: Akamai


Global average web speeds have crossed the 3Mbps mark, while reasonable web speeds in India are quite above the 1Mbps mark, in step with Akamai applied sciences’ State of the web file for the first quarter of 2013. Akamai is a web content delivery network, and the document is in keeping with data amassed from the Akamai sensible Platform.

Consistent with Akamai, the measurements printed within the quarterly State of the web file are taken from requests made to Akamai’s HTTP/S platform throughout greater than 200 nations. India ranks 114 globally, in the case of reasonable web velocity, at 1.3Mbps, which was up 20 p.c compared to the last quarter and up 21 percent compared to the same quarter, closing year. Height connection speeds in India have been at 10.6Mbps, trailing behind Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.


On the other hand, the peak velocity has considered a 27 % sequential rise and a 34 percent 12 months on 12 months elevate in keeping with Akamai. Only 0.3 percent of internet customers in India revel in speeds greater than 10Mbps, while 2.four percent have access to internet connections with 4 Mbps or more speeds.

Akamai gauges broadband adoption by looking at the proportion of customers getting connection speeds of four Mbps or extra. This determines elevated using 33 percent quarter on quarter and sixty-six % year on 12 months in India. Similarly, Akamai considers speeds above 10Mbps as excessive Broadband.

In India, there was a 102 p.c elevate quarter on quarter and an eighty-five % year on 12 months raise in the collection of web connections with speeds 10Mbps or extra Globally, around 46 p.c internet customers enjoy speeds of 4Mbps or above. In contrast, thirteen p.c customers have a 10Mbps+ internet connection.

South Korea ranks number one in moderate connection speeds at 14.2 Mbps, whereas Hong Kong ranks number one when it comes to peak connection speeds at 63.6Mbps. Looking at adoption rates, Switzerland was once on the pole place with 88 percent of internet customers enjoying connection speeds of 4Mbps or more.

South Korea topped the charts in the high-velocity broadband adoption class, with 50 percent of users getting speeds of 10Mbps or more. Akamai additionally adds that there are 16.28 million distinctive IP addresses in India. Ultimate quarter, India had 14.27 million distinctive IP addresses.

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