While app numbers are a key to a cell platform’s success, seems BlackBerry’s taken it actually significantly. a new revelation reveals that just about one-third of its apps were developed by means of only one developer.

According to a record with the aid of BerryReview, more than 47,000 apps in BlackBerry World, BlackBerry’s app and content marketplace, are supplied by way of a single developer by way of the identify of S4BB. a large number of these apps are in basic terms wrappers for content such as audiobooks, city courses, phrasbooks and fart apps, amongst others.

This basically implies that about one-third of the apps available on the BlackBerry World were printed via a single developer. it seems that BlackBerry used to be boasting of massive app numbers riding on these ‘virtually unsolicited mail’ apps with the aid of a single developer, in a bid to counter the naysayers’ ‘lack of apps’ argument when it launched BlackBerry 10, with out specializing in the standard of apps.

Blackberry has also been relying heavily on builders who work with other systems, with its Port-A-Thons, profitable them to port their current apps for the corporate’s new platform. in line with areport, BlackBerry has been able to generate round forty,000 BB10 apps for its BlackBerry World app retailer via these port-a-thons. BlackBerry’s BlackBerry 10 OS has the power to run Android apps and many of the big names have simply ported their current Android apps to the platform.

At the time of its launch, BlackBerry had announced that  70,000 apps have been to be had on BlackBerry World. then again, some of these apps had been ported from different prime platforms.

All this implies that native development on the platform has now not really taken off.