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And the last Blockbuster movie ever rented is…


It is the tip of Blockbuster as we are aware of it. The general public is shedding no tears over Blockbuster’s choice to shut its closing shops. Nonetheless, there was once one final special moment to commemorate: the ultimate condominium. And that movie was once (drum roll, please)…” this is the end,” a 2013 comedy regarding the apocalypse. It was once the perfect kiss-off to a voyage that commenced with the primary retailer opening in 1985.

And the last Blockbuster movie ever rented is... 1

The ultimate apartment at the as soon as-ubiquitous video rental chain took place in Hawaii at 11 p.m. local time, November 9. The moment was once captured in a photograph for posterity, although posterity almost certainly won’t spend various times looking at it. Blockbuster tweeted the photograph showing a few blue-shirted retailer workers giving the “hold-unfastened” sign while the beaming consumer holds up his reproduction of the DVD. Each person appears to be so darn satisfied.

Seth Rogan, one of the vital stars of “this is the tip,” equipped his personal tweet in regards to the condominium, reminiscing about his native Blockbuster. In a previous tweet, Rogan described the ultimate condo as “that is nuts and sad.” He can rely on himself among a make-a-choice team of people that will, in reality, pass over the deflated video giant.