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Anatomy of a Professional Blog


Somehow, beginner bloggers generally tend to don’t have any challenge to logo their personal blogs, and probable that is due to the fact they’re usage of the default “Text Title” brand for his or her weblog; if you want to make your blog unique from others, then make a blog brand, it is easy you might not really want relatively like a photo clothier to layout your emblem for you, all you want is to search for an Icon that reflects on what is in your weblog or what is your blog all about, then try to add some Text Beside it or something like changing the icon’s shade and there you move! You have got your own brand for your weblog.

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Blog Theme Color

When you design your blog, determine a theme shade that your blog will observe, Familiar with Facebook? (Of Course) even though Facebook is not a blog, but you could get a concept out of it on how a topic coloration influences the general professionalism or appearance of the weblog or website, remember the usage of as a minimum two color variations that display your weblog, such as though your weblog is set nature, why now not have a subject shade of green and yellow inexperienced? It will greatly affect the “look” and the “feel” of your blog.

Blog Favicon

Aside from having a custom Blog Logo and a weblog topic coloration, it would help if you also didn’t forget to have a custom Favicon to your Blog; A Favicon is a small website or weblog icon that appears on a browser’s address bar and tab bar; it’ll sincerely add up in your weblog’s professionalism.

Post Titles Arrangements

This is going for both on your blog and submit titles. This is a common mistake that most newbie bloggers tend to make. Why? Because when a user is trying to find facts, they’re searching out specific key phrases that you could have written to your blog and not your weblog’s call. This will make a huge distinction between your blog’s professionalism and so.

Default Template Icons

When you try to install a packaged blog template to your blog, whether or not it’s far a blogger template or a wordpress topic, it commonly has a few default icons along with it; possibilities are that the template you’re the use of have also been used by a whole lot of other bloggers for their blogs mainly if it’s far a popular template and thus making your weblog commonplace to the reader’s eye, in case you need to brand your blog and make it expert then try to exchange the ones default Icons to different icons this is similar to it and has the equal size.

RSS Newsfeed Subscription

Always have an RSS Newsfeed subscription choice or button for your blog, if we could your readers get connected and up to date approximately your posts or articles, in case you would like to have an RSS information feed to your blog, you can use http://www.Feedburner.Com, it gives an unfastened RSS content control.

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Social Bookmarking Widgets

If you really want your weblog to be extra interactive, “communicate of the town,” and to be an extra expert, then you could take into account adding Social Bookmarking Widgets, such as Facebook Like, Tweeter Retweet, or Google’s Buzz This to your blog posts. These widgets will make your weblog have an area within the raging competition in the Blogosphere; there is a variety of free Social Bookmarking Services obtainable, including AddThis, ShareThis, and AddToAny.

Clean up Cluttered portions

Being easy and clean does make your blog extra expert, constantly try to arrange or easy up pieces, widgets, links, and pictures on your weblog for you not to look cluttered and newbie; additionally, avoid the usage of or putting too many widgets on your blog, widgets use JavaScript from different websites, and while the server is down, it’s going to have an effect on your blog’s loading time and slow it down.

Image Sizes

When you insert photos on your blog, it’s a great deal nicer and more professional to have uniform photo sizes, including, Main photos for posts are 350×350 pixels on size and advertisements pix at the sidebar might be 250×250 pixels; it’d make your blog appearance clean and much more eye-popping than a blog with scrambled photograph sizes inserted on their weblog.


In the end, in case you need yourself to be taken into consideration as an expert blogger, you should first try and consider your personal weblog’s professionalism. Many claimed themselves to be someone who doesn’t even replicate who they sincerely are. If you do the identical on just telling something that does not replicate yourself, then you definitely can’t keep in mind yourself as a “Professional Blogger.”

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