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Artist’s 3D-printed shoes tell tales of past girlfriends


When you ever date artist Sebastian Errazuriz, be warned. He could turn you right into a shoe one day. Neatly, a shoe sculpture at least. In “12 shoes for 12 enthusiasts,” an exhibit now on show in Miami, Fla., Errazuriz reminisces about former enthusiasts thru 3D-printed high heels that deliver a little about every previous inamorata. It sounds as if there had been relatively just a few over the last 15 years, ranging from liked girlfriends to one-night stands.

Artist's 3D-printed shoes tell tales of past girlfriends 1

Cry baby,” a white platform shoe with what look like splashes of water along the top, tells of Alexandra, who couldn’t cease crying about — or texting — her jerky ex-boyfriend during an evening of ardor with the brand new York-primarily based Errazuriz.

The swish pink “Jetsetter” has a heel within the form of a nostril-down aircraft for Jessica, who advised Errazuriz that her dad owned an aircraft and the domestic had an empty home in Paris which maybe his perfect art studio. “The more she tried to persuade of the lifestyles we could have together, the less sizzling she becomes,” the artist writes of that particular muse.

Some, like a shoe recalling a summer season tryst, have light and airy designs. Then there’s the large black blob of sneakers titled “The Rock.” It recollects Alice, who appears to have left Errazuriz with a heavy heart. “I liked her so much. At all times will,” writes the Chilean-born artist, who has exhibited internationally and in 2010 was once named Chilean clothier of the yr.

The “12 footwear” challenge marks the primary time Errazuriz has employed 3D printing in his designs. He created his shoes over the direction of a yr and printed them in PET plastic using a Makerbot Replicator 2x. We’ve seen wild-having a look 3D-printed shoes earlier than, but by no means any that discover sex, love, and well, intercourse as much as these.

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On his Tumbler weblog, Errazuriz released images of one design at a time, together with pictures of the ladies (some actual, some re-created) and a short, steadily express story of the pair’s relationship. Names of the ladies had been changed to protect their identity, but shoe names like “heart breaker,” “The Boss,” “The Ghost,” “Gig Jane,” “scorching Bitch,” and “Gold Digger” expose that the 36-12 months-previous artist can have — how should we be saying it? — A flair for the dramatic in terms of his non-public lifestyles.

“After I started this process, I never imagined the place it might turn out; it’s been infinitely more advanced, revealing, and tough than I assumed,” writes the artist, who says his work seems to be to each expose the contradictions and absurdities of regular existence and address deeply seated taboos.

“12 footwear for 12 lovers” might be on display at the Miami beach pop-up save of Brazilian shoe model Melissa via January 6 as part of the annual artwork Basel convey in Miami.