17 Tasks To Eliminate, Automate and Outsource For Blogging Productivity

Struggling to locate the time to weblog?

You’re in the proper vicinity.

Today I will percentage with your recommendation and productiveness tools with a purpose to make you an effective blogger.

This guide will help you get rid of distractions, get rid of redundant duties, automate in which viable, and outsource certain responsibilities to lose it slow for the middle sports.

Let’s get began.


Three easy concepts to blogging efficiency



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Do you surprise how massive bloggers hold publishing new content material all of the time?

How come their publishing system is so nicely oiled?

Where do they get the time and the ideas?

Are they online all the time each day?

Do they’ve assistants operating for them growing and publishing their content?

These questions may be answered in 3 easy steps:

Eliminate the redundant steps and obligations
Use generation and equipment to automate and agenda as many of the remaining tasks as feasible
Delegate and outsource non-crucial duties to digital assistants and loose some time for essentials
Blogging productiveness is a matter of re-comparing your priorities

Time is a restricted resource, but you still have 24 hours in every day.

You have a task that takes a few 9 hours, you possibly sleep 7 hours which leaves you with 8 hours and afternoon for home tasks, buddies and own family, and pursuits.

That is lots of time.

Being too busy to blog is just a terrible excuse.

It’s all a be counted of re-comparing your priorities and being higher at time management.

You ought to figure out what’s critical to you, discover ways to control your hours higher and placed a few smart systems in the region.
Work smarter, no longer harder: The 80/20 precept

Knowing the first-rate uses of a while is a good deal greater treasured than attempting more difficult, working longer or complaining approximately not having enough time to blog.

Excellent prioritization talents are essential for a blogger.

You need to distinguish between what wishes to be achieved and what doesn’t, and you need to realize the difference between make work and actual paintings.


Do matters that are worth doing and permit burst off things that aren’t.

80% of your nice blogging will come from 20% of the belongings you do. This is the Pareto principle.

Figure out which of your chores are those 20% tasks which have the best impact on your blogging desires.

Then spend the maximum of a while doing those meaningful activities, and stop losing time on unproductive responsibilities that you’re not exact at or which might be irrelevant in your fulfillment.

These non-vital responsibilities can be automatic the usage of equipment and delegated to digital assistants in order to free it slowly to create extra content material and do other significant activities in that you can’t be without problems changed.

Outsource and delegate those four non-essential tasks to free some time

A blog is generally an organization of 1 worker.

You are the jack of all trades.

You do the whole lot from growing content, enhancing the design and doing the advertising and marketing.

You have the whole information of the entirety about your weblog, you do not need to communicate to anybody else and you’re making all the choices yourself.

But as your blog grows you may run into challenges through doing the whole lot yourself.

An unmarried person project can’t scale, especially if you want to reap huge things.

You might need to get a few help to grow and scale your weblog.

This way relinquishing manipulate and delegating and outsourcing some of your paintings to virtual assistants.

Many bloggers war to make this bounce and develop beyond the one man show.

Trying to outsource the core interest of creating useful content material is a huge mistake as it cannot be finished well effortlessly.

Outsource other constructing responsibilities that would come up with more time to spend growing content rather.

The tough element is knowing what duties to outsource.

So, here’s 4 building duties I recommend giving to your virtual assistant:


Task 1: Post studies

The first-class way to get cost from a digital assistant is to have them help you with research.

Say you’re writing a publish about the pinnacle 10 screencasting applications on the Mac.

You’d ask your assistant to create a document featuring all of the software programs he can discover in this class.

Next, to each piece of software program, you’d ask him to list the name, charge, and internet site comes with – in addition to the primary functions of the software program.

Or, let’s say you’re making plans to write a weblog submit approximately the way to fish fry a trout.

You would possibly ask your assistant to discover other articles approximately barbecuing trout that you could study before you start writing.

You’d ask him to discover any individual a YouTube consumer who’s published a video of themselves cooking trout on a barbecue – and set up an electronic mail interview with them, so you have some charges to install your article.

You need to get to the point in which whilst you sit down all the way down to write a post, you’re essentially strolling into the kitchen and locating all of your elements washed, chopped, and laid out – so all you need to do is gather the parts and serve up the end result.

Task 2: Finding posts to comment on

Another high-quality task on your virtual assistant for is finding posts to touch upon.

When your subject matter fairly properly, the difficult element approximately commenting isn’t cranking out the remarks – it’s clearly maintaining updated with different humans’ posts.

So, ask your virtual assistant to create a listing of blogs for your area of interest that you want to display.

Then, have your assistant observe them two or 3 times every week and ship you an every day or bi-weekly electronic mail with a digest of what’s been published.

Then you may speedy dash off your remarks, and your assistant can post them on your behalf – under your call, with a link back to you.

Task 3: Interviews

One problem you have as a blogger is finding sparkling content to submit.

Interviewing other authors is a super way to get expert content quick.

You can ask your virtual assistant to spend one or days per week finding other bloggers for your area of interest to interview.

Usually, fellow authors are glad to be interviewed – and that they’ll frequently proportion the resulting submit with their audience too.

If you provide your assistant this assignment one two days every week, then pretty soon you’ll have a steady float of autopilot interview content for your weblog.

Task 4: Reviewing other blogs

One tactic that I’ve attempted with one in every of my websites become reviewing different websites in my niche.

It works absolutely nicely – it become terrific content material and it won me a number of respect and gratitude from fellow bloggers in my industry.

Here’s what you do.

Ask your digital assistant to exit and locate different blogs like yours and write out a brief 40 to 50-word precis of what’s at the internet site.

When she has 10 of 12 of those, you could combine them into a list put up which can sit down on your internet site as a superb piece of cornerstone content.

Make sure you hyperlink to all of the websites featured of course.

It properly searches engine optimization to hyperlink to other pages to your nook of the Internet, and it also encourages different bloggers to reciprocate and link returned to you – which by no means hurts.

Remove the noise, pause the enter

There is an excessive amount of noise everywhere around us.

Our brains are hard-stressed out for social media.

We’re curious about the brand new and unexpected, we continuously refresh news feeds, overview notifications and mindlessly click on links.

We’re without difficulty interrupted and distracted which makes us stressed and without difficulty bored.

It reduces our capability to take in and maintain statistics.

Information amassing becomes a shallow distraction and a waste of time.

It’s a talent with a view to shut out the distractions and pick out what, when and a way to eat facts.

To pause the enter and clear out the noise from the sign.

To be greater useful about your habits and the way you spend your time on-line.

To allow go of that curiosity need and to no longer feed it all of the time.

Don’t do FOMO.

Curate your resources better by using giving attention to those who respect it slowly.

Limit the time you spend following political scandals, breaking news, movie star gossip, sports and the time spent TV-looking and recreation-gambling.

Block websites that waste some time, cancel meetings, activate the airplane mode.

Don’t let others force their goals onto your schedule and benefit again the hours those suck from your lifestyles.

Stop being a patron of media, be a producer alternatively.

Stop planning and take action

Planning is crucial, but best to a degree.

The greater time you commit to making plans, the extra fears and doubts you start having.

Many spend too much time thinking about blogging, in place of taking motion.

Don’t fall into this evaluation paralysis.

Focus on the output.

“Just do it” normally works.

Taking motion produces the appetite for more action.

Turn your ideas and desires into reality.

Set up your running routine with tight, however, sensible closing dates.

Break the unreasonable massive running a blog dreams and dreams into smaller and greater manageable tasks.

Have a quick and prioritized to-do list every day.

Use the Pomodoro approach to block off some time and do extreme sprints of uninterrupted paintings.

Having limited time makes you extra centered and productive.

Without constraints, tasks may additionally become expanding to fill the limitless time available for his or her final touch.

Set reminders.

Stop seeking to multitask and get into the dependency of ticking items off that to-do listing.

Send that e-mail, attain out to that person, finish recording that video and publish that blog post.

Show up every day.

To become awesome at something you need to have the heart within you, the inner pressure and backbone.

It facilitates you display initiative, drives you to do greater, keeps you devoted to putting in the attempt and the hours had to succeed.

Dedicate your each blogging moment to creating the fine paintings that you could.

Have the field to constantly hold going at it, paintings consistently, by no means lose the point of interest and never surrender in your goals.

You don’t need all and sundry else to push you to try this.

The motivation, preference and paintings ethic come from within yourself.

Don’t be led by way of perfectionism and different fears

People have a phobia of the “publish” button.

There’s usually something to add, change, polish, extra studies to do.

It by no means stops, and you drag the procedure on and on.

Fear leads a lot of people.

Fear of being ridiculed, worry which you’re no longer true sufficient, a worry of what others would possibly say, fear of getting no readers, lacking skills, fear that others have a higher manner of doing things.

All the uncertainty is unsettling.

You should be given and learn how to stay with things which might be past your control.

Overcome your fears, don’t wait for a masterpiece, be effective and loose yourself to just write, write, write.

Write speed, constantly, anywhere at each time.

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Don’t permit your thoughts to have the possibility to wander, allow your thoughts go with the flow, get the thoughts down quick, and don’t fear approximately spelling and grammar mistakes.

Spit first, shine later.

Ultimately, you have to ask your own questions, strive out things and discover the quality way for yourself.

Close your eyes and click on on the “post” button.

Your blog put up is now on-line for the sector to see.

You’ll recognize how silly it turned into to have any fears and how you ought to have posted that article a long term in the past.

Your first weblog put up might also suck, but your turns into better.

The great manner to get better is to practice.

By working towards in public, you get remarks, and that improves your work.

The measure, study and enhance as you move alongside.

Write something, get feedback, write something extra, get extra remarks and round and spherical it is going.

Optimize your health for maximum electricity

Your ardor is what drives you.

You do your workout of affection.

If you like what you do, you received to be able to doze off due to the fact you would need to do extra of it.

You’ll awaken very early and energetic to get out of the bed to do even greater.

But it’s critical to attend to your frame too.

Your health needs to be your priority.

Help your mind be focused, and your body have the power to go through all of the duties for your listing.

Eat real meals, don’t bypass meals, make sure you are hydrated all through the day.

The right eating regimen gives you bodily stamina, staying power, attention, and a positive mindset.

Always have water subsequent to you regardless of where you’re and what you’re doing.

Take common micro-breaks to relaxation your eyes and thoughts.

Stretch and pass your body frequently.

Do a few push-ups and take a set-up.

Exercise more difficult, sleep longer.

A proper night time of sleep helps you get over the long day, improves your body and gives you electricity for any other vital day.

Disconnect from your every day every so often

Following the concepts in this publish, you will paintings extra efficient when you’re inside the region running on the essential duties.

But you cannot be in the zone all of the time.

It’s a superb concept to take a break to journey or simply to loosen up and get a new notion.

We all need a smash now and again.

Some people get hooked on being on-line and constantly staring at the screen.

Disconnect from your everyday activities regularly and get away from the laptop and the phone display screen to do something else.

Read books and magazines, listen to the humans you’re speaking to, loosen up and recharge.

Be curious and open-minded approximately the sector around you. It’s full of thought.

It’s in the ones “no longer so busy” moments which you have time to suppose, replicate and that inspire your new adventures.

Take the first-rate ideas from these exclusive studies and practice them to your work.

Don’t take delivery of that there’s only one way of doing things.

Cherish and recognize a while, then get lower back to paintings.

Living an interesting lifestyle improves your energy stages, gives you clarity and reduces your pressure.

Both your thoughts and frame will admire it.

It will position you on top of things of your life, work and dreams.

You’ll be clean and centered for blogging.

It will enhance your productiveness and could win you pleasant time.

Suddenly there might be sufficient time in an afternoon with a view to attaining you are running a blog dreams.

How to keep your blog lively whilst you’re disconnected

Going offline doesn’t suggest you want to let your weblog die while you’re away.

With a bit of planning, scheduling, and automation you can nonetheless maintain your blog and social media stay and lively.

Regular visitors ought to now not be capable of seeing a good deal or any difference from per week while you’re concentrating at the blog complete-time to the week while you’re out getting stimulated.

Here are the steps and duties you can automate.

1. Get your mobile setup equipped

If you’re going away on a vacation you should get your touring setup geared up.

These days I normally take a cell phone once I’m on my travels.

I use it for the whole lot of checking emails, coping with social media and doing weblog updates whilst essential.

WordPress has first-class apps for both iOS and Android.

The app syncs with the web right away so that you can begin a publish in your mobile, shop it as a draft to keep editing for your laptop browser.

You can edit articles, you may respond to comments and so much more.

I’m no longer too comfy with growing new content material on a smartphone, the smaller screen simply feels too sluggish to put in writing on.

It’s greater appropriate for eating content, communication, advertising or moderate edits.

My soreness with developing content material on small screens is why steps under are key to have a calming excursion but maintaining my blog energetic on the identical time.

2. Prepare your content earlier

You recognize how long you may be away for.

You know if you may have an internet connection while on the excursion.

You understand in case you plan to have time to get some writing executed at the same time as you are away.

Think about those elements and plan beforehand.

If you receive be capable of getting online or in case you’ll be busy with different sports, you need to create the wanted amount of content material earlier.

Edit them, style them and get them equipped to be published consistent with your normal timetable.

If you need a real ruin you may supply some visitor posts to be published at some point of your break day.

This will save you from being too careworn and needing to create a big quantity of content material in the weeks up to your journey.

You can both ask bloggers you’re linked with to put up something on your website online, or you can announce on your web page or in social media that you are taking guest post submissions.

A lot of bloggers are very lively guest posters as there are many blessings of doing it.

This means that so long as you have got a website with a first rate recognition you should be capable of getting a few satisfactory posts sourced.

3. Schedule posts to be published inside the future

WordPress has this outstanding built-in feature that lets you to agenda your posts to be posted within the future.

You can write your post nowadays and set it to be published routinely at any time you wish.

It’s known as WordPress TimeStamp.

Write your post as you will typically.

All the identical manner.

The simplest difference is that in preference to publishing proper away while your post is ready, your time table it to be published at a destiny date and time.

To agenda do take a look at “Publish” phase inside the proper hand side of your publish writing display.

Where it says “Publish immediately” click on edit.

Now you will have the choice to pick a date and time in the future that you need your post to be posted.

Select the date and time and click OK.

When you have got showed the destiny date and time you want your submit to be posted on, the “Publish” button turns into “Schedule” button.

You may even have a “Scheduled for” date and time there as a way to see.

If you click on on the “Schedule” button your publish may be routinely published at the selected date and time.

4. Set Akismet to mind the remarks routinely

Comment sections are the lifeline of many websites.

This is likewise one of the responsibilities that consume the maximum time for the majority of bloggers.

Some bloggers favor to manually approve comments, however, that is probably impossible to control while you’re going away.

As you don’t need the dialogue to die out whilst you’re away, you should set Akismet WordPress plugin to do all of the give you the results you want.

In WordPress settings in “Discussion, ” some bloggers usually have “Comment writer ought to have a formerly approved remark” checked.

By disposing of this you permit Akismet routinely approve comments.

There is a tiny threat that one or two spam comments would possibly undergo the filter out however I locate Akismet typically does a top notch job.

Get secure about letting Akismet control and moderate the comments segment for you.

See my whole manual on the way to setup your blog to routinely combat remark unsolicited mail.

Five. Automate your social media marketing

Having a huge hooked up target audience is a super promotional tool to your content.

As you’re set to submit numerous articles even as you’re away your target audience will assist yo to unfold the word as they typically would.

Help your visitors do the merchandising for you by using together with social media sharing buttons in your articles.

There are numerous correct plugins for this, inclusive of this one.

Sometimes I use my cellular telephone to go through my after publishing advertising ordinary on social media whilst on holidays.

This could take me some 10-15 minutes a day, however, there may be an even better answer.

If you select you could also time table your social media interest.

You can write your posts earlier and agenda Twitter and Facebook to ship out messages saying your new articles.

Its consequences in clicks on your website out of your fans, and enables the advertising as people do retweet, like and proportion interesting articles.

You can time table your posts immediately on your Facebook web page and use a device like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to the time table on Twitter.

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