Head Scarves – Perfect For Chemotherapy and Cancer Treatments

One of the most frightening diseases you can get is cancer. However, thanks to the improvement modern medicine has made, there is hope for thousands of people suffering from this dreaded and life-threatening disease. This said, the treatment for cancer can be quite debilitating, especially chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can cause a lot of side effects ranging from severe nausea, anemia and, …

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Replace Text in Post Topic via MySQL Database in WordPress


Most of the wordpress user find it is difficult to replace a single word in thousands of post so let me make it simple for you all so that you can save your time and finish it in a short moment.The fastest way to replace a text in WordPress is PHP Mysql and moreover it provides the fastest server.today I …

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Set your Gravatar Logo for blog commenting

Gravatar is a globally recognised avatar through out the Internet World.If you comment on a blog you will find that your coment logo is showing a blue colour check this iamge after comment :- but if you look upon the Veign icon it look different because the person or organisation is using their unique logo so today I will teach …

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Solution to a 404 Not Found error was encountered WordPress


This is the main problem who move their datas and all files from one server or hosting to another hosting.So Today I will clearout why and what to do when you face this issue. This is basically we face due to the server migration when the url is remain unknown to the server so we need to make understand to …

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How to backup Logins Details of all website ?

password export

This was the question from one of my visitors who ask me to help him Avinash,who is a journalist and have to travel from one place to another place every time but he have to be active on every place and so he need to keep all of his password and username in a disk which will be kept within …

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